Amaranté Summer Events 2022

Amaranté Summer Events 2022

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Flowers can play a key role in creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. Whether planning a small business meeting or a large conference, flowers help set the tone and add elegance and style. Choosing the right flowers will depend on the occasion itself, as well as on your personal preferences. An event florist will determine the best types of blooms and design floral arrangements that will tie into the aesthetic of your event, and resonate with your existing décor, corporate brand, or personal style. Here at Amaranté, we have experienced an amazing summer with so many events to design - What a season it's been for our amazing events team! We've had the opportunity to collaborate with so many wonderful brands to create some truly unique, beautiful floral arrangements. I'll walk you through some of the events and floral arrangements we have designed and produced this year.

Amaranté Corporate Flower Arrangements - Summer 2022

Royal Ascot

A Bespoke floral horse installation featuring preserved stems and moss
The Royal Ascot Floral Horse Installation

In celebration of this year’s Royal Ascot races, Ascot Racecourse were seeking an event florist who could dress their hospitality space for all guests to enjoy.

Keeping in mind everything people adore about Royal Ascot races, our team created a variety of elegant, in-theme bespoke floral installations, including a very large dashing horse created with preserved stems and moss. The idea was to create a corner for guests to take photos and selfies.

Two luxury dried flower bouquets, created using dried flowers and blue infinity roses
Bespoke Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets in Vases
Bespoke luxury bouquet with forever flowers and infinity roses in a gold coloured round short vase
Preserved Dried Flower Bouquet


Bespoke flower wall featuring many preserved stems
Flower Wall for the X Vogue Event

We really enjoyed designing and dressing this years 5 Days of Beauty event with Vogue. Our florists are set to work to transform the Conde Nast College into an eye-catching pink paradise.

We adored seeing so many wonderful pictures across every day of the event.

Dried flower arrangement shown in a vase, created using preserved stems and infinity roses
Dried Flower Bouquet for X Vogue
Hatbox of pink flowers
Hatbox of Pink Flowers


Bespoke installation of dried flowers hanging above the entrance and surrounding the Brand Name NOVA
Hanging Floral Arrangement Near the Restaurant Entrance

Working alongside London's latest luxury restaurant, Nova, we were dedicated to bringing Nova's rainforest jungle vision to life with flowers.

An ambitious creative project which saw the creation of unique flowers for restaurants - trees and hanging ceiling installations like the one above ensured that Nova will be a unique and memorable destination for all those who visit.

Bespoke floral created, created with preserved stems
Bespoke Floral Tree for Nova Restaurant
Table arrangements - dried flower floral centrepieces
Table Centrepieces

Sticks 'n' Sushi

Ikebana floral arrangement presented in a vase
Ikebana Floral Arrangement

With beautiful architecture comes amazing opportunities for floral design. Sticks n Sushi asked Amarante to create a collection of flowers for restaurants. They were seeking unique vase arrangements for their Chelsea restaurant.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian roots, we proposed Ikebana floral designs. Both cultures draw from the idea of 'slow living, and it was important for our florists to capture this in every detail of each vase arrangement.

Our work with this corporate client has now blossomed into all London restaurants, so keep an eye out for us on your next visit there!

Ikebana floral table arrangement using preserved flowers
Ikebana Floral Table Centrepiece Arrangement
Bespoke Ikebana floral arrangement displayed by the window
Ikebana Arrangement in a Vase Positioned near a Window

Fitzgerald's Woodlands

Bespoke hanging installation positioned at the entrance of the hotel
Floral Arrangement for Hotel Entrance

Aiming to enhance this beautiful wedding venue with unique flowers for hotels, we worked alongside the family behind Fitzgeralds Woodlands Hotel and Spa to create a range of floral installations inspired by the gorgeous surroundings of their Ireland location.

Another ambitious installation executed by our team, which included floral trees and hanging ceiling flowers. We drew inspiration from the most beautiful parts of the natural world, creating forms and textures with a careful selection of infinity roses and dried flowers.

Hanging installation in the Hotel lobby
Hanging Installation in Hotel Lobby
Bespoke floral tree installation decorating one of the hotel ambients
Floral Tree Decorating the Hotel Entry

Formula E

Two bespoke floral installations, luxury dried flower bouquets.
Arch Installation

For their penultimate double-header weekend, Formula E brought their E-Prix to London's first certified carbon neutral building, the Excel Centre. Here, we partnered with them to design and produce corporate flower arrangements to bring some floral beauty to their World Championship weekend.

Our team of experienced florists provided a range of bespoke floral designs featured throughout the event. We certainly brought something new to their London race this year, from bouquets on their yachts to large floral arches.

A bespoke floral table centrepiece, featuring purple blooms.
Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets for Corporate Events
A bespoke flower arch surrounded by planters displayed next to one of Formula E's yachts
Single Planter

Flowers for Weddings & Wedding Installations

The number of engaged couples we're working with just keeps on growing, as does our portfolio of wedding flowers and installations, all created to perfectly match the theme of the wedding. In July, we created floral installations for several very different weddings.

Hanging floral installation for a wedding hall
Hanging Installation and Table Flowers for a Wedding
Hanging installation and table arrangements for weddings
Flowers for Events: Table Flower Installation

Dreaming of having the most magical day of their lives be just like a fairy tale, our team helped happy couple L&B transform their barn into a fanatical dream wedding space - made all the more enchanting with beautiful bespoke floral installations.

Set on wanting neutral and white tones for their wedding flowers, our florists used champagne infinity roses and stems such as hydrangeas to create a range of mystical floral designs, including hanging and table installations.

A small bespoke vase arrangement created with dried flowers.
Wedding Table Flowers

Wanting their special day to be rich in colour, the couple to be V&J wished to decorate their wedding with plenty of vibrant eco-friendly flowers. In keeping with their desired theme, our florists created wedding flowers featuring hot pink, orange and light pink infinity roses to create some striking, bespoke floral designs.

It was also important for us to bring some floral love to the mandap, decorating it with equally vibrant infinity roses and neutral green stems.

Two plant arrangements presenting a different type of décor.
Flower Stand Installation
Wedding Mandap with two plant arrangements presenting a different type of décor.
The Wedding Mandap

Here East

Bespoke Bouquet at the reception bar for refreshments at this event
Flowers for Events: Celebrate a 10th Anniversary

Designed as a catalyst for change, Here East is a campus dedicated to making game-changing innovations. They wanted some extra special florals to celebrate their 10th anniversary of being located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Our team created bespoke corporate floral installations unique to Here East for their celebration. Building a large 10 for their 10th anniversary seemed fitting, as did the carefully selected preserved flowers to create layers and reflect their brand within the chosen colours.

Floral installation in the shape of a 10, featuring dried flowers and infinity roses
Corporate Flower Arrangement in the Shape of a 10 for their 10th Anniversary
Detailed view of a bouquet featuring green stems and large white roses
Installation Stems

Haute Dolci

A dried flower garland created specifically as a featured table design
Bespoke Floral Garland in a Restaurant

We were back working with Haute Dolci last month but this time, we were bringing some floral love to their Bolton restaurant. Their luxury interior gave us a lot to work with, and using a range of light pink and purple florals; we created some elegant hanging installations along with several table arrangements that perfectly matched the rest of their interior space.

Hand made bouquet in a vase
Bouquet in an elegant Vase
Bespoke freestanding installation featuring preserved stems and infinity roses
Luxury floral installation with pink flowers for a Restaurant

What a wonderful season of events! With so many more exciting partnerships to look forward to in Autumn, I'm proud of how far Amaranté Events has come and all we will continue to achieve.

If you're interested in having bespoke floral arrangements at your next corporate event or wedding celebration, you can reach us here.


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