One Marylebone

Joyous bride and groom are making their grand entrance into the reception hall, decorated with Amaranté bespoke floral installations. In a classic black tuxedo, the groom beams with pride next to the bride, who dazzles in a detailed, embellished gown with a bouquet of delicate wedding bouquet, showcasing Amaranté London's bespoke touch and experience in designing wedding installations.

An Exquisite Venue for Unforgettable Celebrations

M&D yearned for a fairytale wedding straight from the pages of a storybook. Their vision encompassed a day brimming with enchantment and mesmerising moments - ones we were elated to bring to life. We thoughtfully crafted an awe-inspiring array of installations that whisked guests away to a whimsical wonderland.

We crafted captivating installations that graced every corner of One Marylebone. From a cascading installation on the grand staircase to adorning the aisle with exquisite wreaths, leading up to a breathtaking arch, we made sure to bring a special ethereal touch to every part of the venue, ensuring an elevated romantic beauty throughout.
Bathed in rich architectural history, One Marylebone was built on its own 'island' in Soane’s trademark neoclassical style to celebrate Britain’s victory over Napoleon, stylistic details which have now effortlessly been incorporated into a more modern, but equally delightful style. 

An Exquisite Venue for Unforgettable Celebrations

Bathed in rich architectural history and just moments from London’s gorgeous Regent’s Park, One Marylebone houses versatile, modern spaces, perfect for luxury parties, events and especially, beautiful weddings.

Featuring two main areas, Soane Hall and the Galleries, this venue ensures all the opportunities to best utilise a space. At almost 27 feet high, Soane Hall is as large as it is beautiful. Featuring stained glass windows and mosaics, its flexible nature means it can be completely transformed to bring any event to life. Moving to the first floor, the Galleries are bright and contemporary and known for being submerged in natural light during the day. Due to their size and location, the Galleries are the desired space when hosting a wedding reception.

Allow our devoted team to collaborate closely with you in order to guarantee a flawless and memorable wedding. Share the plans for your special day, and entrust us with the task of curating an exceptional wedding set amidst the enchanting botanical marvels of this renowned London venue.

Elegant bespoke wedding floral installations frame the welcome sign at Maryam and David's wedding, designed by Event Florist Amaranté London. A lush arrangement of pastel roses, lilacs, and greenery cascades down the staircase, creating an enchanting entryway that promises a day filled with beauty and celebration.

'' I want to give you the biggest thank you for honestly creating my dream wedding! ''

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