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Flowers for Events

Our expertise, passion for flowers, and experience have led us to offer unique floral arrangements for events, designed and created for clients across different industries. We cater for events in hospitality, beauty, hotels, restaurants, corporate and residential environments. We also create bespoke floral designs for weddings and have a range of plants available for hire.

Bespoke Design Process

Our bespoke design process takes clients through each step, regardless of the event or floral installations they have in mind. Starting with a discovery meeting, our florists work with the design team to create a series of sketches and illustrations, giving clients a visual of what their floral installations will look like.

A Sustainable Approach

Sustainability has always been an important part of how we approach any event. No matter the type of installation, we take pride in only using the highest quality stems, all naturally sustained to last with no negative impacts on the environment.

For corporate events and special occasions, an eye-catching floral arrangement truly takes the atmosphere to another level. Flowers for events help create positive associations with the brand. If you are seeking the perfect event florist to achieve the wow factor for your corporate event, look no further – Amaranté London is here to help. Our expert team of experienced and passionate florists can design and create bespoke luxury floral arrangements with a unique style and flare to fit your needs and expectations. At Amaranté London, we understand how important it is for organisations like yours to ensure your guests are impressed. Our unique flowers for events will customise your location and enrich arrangements according to your brand, tastes, and budgets. In addition, you'll know where each bloom comes from due to our ethical sourcing policy and sustainability values, which allow us to provide luxury Infinity Roses and other Forever Flowers for Events of all sizes and locations.

A bespoke flower cart created using preserved flowers for Hugo Boss for their Mother’s Day campaign
Plant Hire for Corporate Events: Client Red Sea Global were interested in plants for hire at their event that took place at the Excel Centre
Plant Hire
Christmas installations


We Can Help With Your Event

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