Amaranté is an innovative Event Florist providing eco-friendly Flowers for Events. Our expertise, passion for flowers, and experience have led us to offer unique floral arrangements for exciting clients across different industries. 

We have catered events in hospitality, beauty, hotels, and more in many corporate environments. We also create bespoke floral designs for weddings. Our flowers for events will match any theme, colour scheme and memorable occasion for which you are planning. 

What’s more, when you choose an Event Florist like Amaranté to bring your vision into reality, you decide to act sustainably. Our flowers are eco-friendly and support global causes such as reforestation. In addition to all this, your event flowers will last for many years to come, thanks to our preservation process.

We have partnered with the likes of Harrods, Selfridges, Aveda, Soho House and even headlined at the National Wedding Shows! We have a dedicated events team to provide excellent customer service to bring you the best flowers for events.

So whether it’s a party, a product launch or a restaurant opening, we will meet the needs of your event and make it something to remember.

We provide bespoke floral designs and installations for every type of event, including, Corporate Events, Hotel and Restaurants, Interior Designs and Sporting Events. If you’re planning a spectacular event and would like to get in contact with a member of our events team, please call us on 0204 525 6518 or WhatsApp us on 07566744737, click here to fill out the enquiring form below.


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If you’re planning a spectacular event and would like to find out more about how we partner with clients to create large scale, multi-day events like this, please fill out the enquiry form below to organise a consultation with a member of our team.