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We were entrusted with designing, creating, and installing bespoke Christmas floral arrangements for Sexy Fish Restaurant in London. The restaurant's vision of a daring and vibrant fusion of Christmas with the ocean was brought to life by our experience, creativity and expertise.

Our talented team of expert event florists crafted an array of pink and blue stems evoking the stunning coral-like structures and garlands of the sea to adorn the restaurant. To maintain the Christmas spirit, champagne baubles were thoughtfully incorporated to resemble shimmering pearls, and a unique Christmas tree was designed in the style of coral reefs.

The sea-inspired floral arrangements extended beyond the interior of Sexy Fish, captivating guests right from the entrance. A striking display of colourful stems and coral sculptures was meticulously arranged to create an inviting and festive oceanic welcome. Each Christmas floral arrangement was crafted meticulously, underlining our dedication to quality and distinctive bespoke artistry.

From the vibrant Christmas floral arrangements to the sophisticated coral-themed installations, our Christmas flowers transformed Sexy Fish Restaurant into a cheerful underwater Christmas wonderland. The elegant decorations enhanced the festive atmosphere and harmonised perfectly with the restaurant’s sophisticated and ocean-inspired interior.

Bold, vibrant colours fused with the ocean theme were exactly what Sushi restaurant Sexy Fish had envisaged for their Christmas installation when partnering with us to bring some unique festive décor to life.

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