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Amaranté is unique, our roses have been handpicked and preserved so that they look and feel fresh without needing to be watered. Follow these tips to give your roses the best chance of living for up to 3 years.

Please note that positioning dark coloured roses next to light colour roses may result in the darker rose colour bleeding onto the light rose. Please be aware of this when making your custom arrangements. Our roses are 100% natural so the colour may vary from those pictured on the website, however we do try to ensure that the colour remains as close as possible.

Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Keep the roses in a room temperature environment.

Avoid placing near strong air conditioning fans or strong air vents.

Occasionally brush the roses to remove dust that may accumulate over time using a soft brush.

The flowers should not be contact with water, steam or any other substance.

Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals.

Refrain from tilting and rotating your box.

Keep the roses in their box as they are secure there. Do not cover the roses with the lid as this may damage the roses, so therefore, the lid comes fixed to the bottom of the box

Please ensure you follow these steps to care for your roses. Lack of care will result in decolourisation of the roses, wilting of the petals and in some severe cases, roses petals can detach from the bud.

With the correct care, your roses will brighten up your room every day.