Bespoke Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal

An intimate wedding proposal, a close-up of a couple's hands gently holding each other. The setting is intimate and dimly lit, with a warm golden glow illuminating the scene decorated with a bespoke floral installation designed and created by Amaranté London.

A Dream Proposal

Step into a fairytale where enchantment unfolds at every turn, transforming your wedding proposal into a magical event. Our bespoke floral installations go beyond conventional decorations, becoming the heartbeat of an unforgettable moment steeped in romance and personal significance. Imagine a whimsical pathway with delicate roses leading to a heart-shaped floral arch or a secluded garden adorned with your partner's favourite blossoms. There are limitless possibilities of installations for a dream bespoke wedding proposal.

Our deeply personal approach involves a consultation where we discuss style, colour, and floral preferences, tailoring each installation to reflect individual stories and personalities. Meticulously selecting and artfully arranging each flower, from exotic orchids symbolising passion to classic roses representing timeless love, we create a personalised floral narrative. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about crafting installations that becomes living embodiments of your unique love story, capturing and expressing its essence in every way.


'' Thank you so much for this! It was perfection.’'

Let Us Create your Dream Wedding Proposal

We cater to every type of event and client, and we'll bring your wedding proposal vision to life. Please fill out the enquiry form and tell us the location and space you are working with, what kind of design you have in mind, and if there are any particular floral arrangements you would like for your proposal.