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Also known as Forever Roses, Eternal roses or everlasting roses, our products combine a mixture of science, sustainability and long-term partnerships with Fairtrade farms to develop a product that we can proudly call an Infinity rose.

What Are Infinity Roses?

On the surface, Infinity roses are real fresh roses that have been preserved with our unique preservation method. Each rose is picked fresh from our Fairtrade farm in Ecuador and goes through a preserving process whereby the sap is replaced by a natural wax based substance which ensures that each rose maintains its original texture and appearance, making them always appear fresh and smell incredible.

We create roses that retain all of its wonderful qualities so that you can enjoy them for years, not days. They don’t need to be watered and only need a bit of dusting to keep their beautiful colour. 

Our roses really do last the whole year with proper care and maintenance. Follow our care instructions below to give your roses the best chance of living for up to 3 years.

How to Care for Your Infinity Roses?

1) Avoid direct exposure to light, especially sunlight. 

2) Keep the roses in a room temperature environment. 

3) Occasionally brush the roses to remove dust that may accumulate over time using a soft brush. 

4) The flowers should not be contact with water, steam or any other substance. 

5) Avoid frequently touching as the oils from hands can wear the preserved petals. 

6) Refrain from tilting and rotating your box. 

7) Avoid placing near strong air conditioning fans or strong air vents. 

8) Keep the roses in their box as they are secure and happy there. 


With the correct care, your roses will brighten up your room every day.