Amaranté at

Chelsea In Bloom

Immerse yourself in the enchanting floral installations designed for the Chelsea in Bloom flower show 2023.

For this celebrated event, we collaborated with clients Hugo Boss, Dermalogica, and Di Minno, crafting awe-inspiring installations that left a lasting impression and won two clients' silver awards. With our meticulous attention to detail and passion for floral beauty, we wove together a symphony of colours, textures, and themes, effortlessly combining the ‘Flowers on Film’ theme with something unique to each brand.

Experience the captivating essence of rebellion, innovation, and artistic expression with our Dermalogica installation at Chelsea in Bloom. Inspired by the ground-breaking journey of founder Jane Wurwand and the iconic figure of Freddy Mercury, our display brings together vibrant blooms to recreate the film cover itself. Witness the merging of Jane Wurwand's pioneering spirit and the enduring legacy of Bohemian Rhapsody, symbolizing the power to challenge conventions and create lasting change in the world of skincare. 

Step into a world of timeless allure and Italian romance with our Di Minno installation at Chelsea in Bloom. Paying homage to Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck's classic film, Roman Holiday, our captivating display showcases Di Minno's Italian heritage. Drawing inspiration from vibrant colours and the rich cultural tapestry of Italy, we intertwined iconic elements from the film, including the Vespa and the Spanish steps, with an exquisite tapestry of flowers.

Indulge in the timeless glamour of silver screen legends with our Hugo Boss installation at Chelsea in Bloom where we paid tribute to the beloved Marilyn Monroe and captured one of her most iconic cinematic moments—the famous white flowing dress. Radiating elegance and beauty, our installation featured graceful white Hydrangeas, perfectly capturing Marilyn's unforgettable look. To enhance the overall design and create a seamless visual experience, we seamlessly integrated a wild meadow floral arrangement, transitioning from the external window into the store.

Much like Chelsea in Bloom, Belgravia in Bloom is a yearly celebration dedicated to bringing people together through charming floral installations. For the theme ‘Into the Wild’, we worked with Gosnell’s to adorn the exterior of their hotel with bright, enthralling blooms.

With a harmonious blend of bright and captivating colours, our installation for Gosnells truly stood out and captured the essence of the occasion. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting beauty of flowers and the importance of bees in our ecosystem, we carefully curated a striking installation that celebrated the natural world. Each vibrant bloom represented a vibrant hue, symbolizing the joy and vitality found in nature. 

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