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Upon receiving the brief for Sol de Janeiro's product launch event, our team of experienced florists embarked on a creative exploration journey. 

Hunter Grace PR sought an experienced event florist who could craft exquisite floral arrangements. Our florists delved deep into the essence of Sol de Janeiro's Brand, aiming to encapsulate its vibrant Brazilian image with a series of bespoke floral installations for this upscale event.

Drawing from our experience from numerous other events, we analysed the brief, ensuring that everything would resonate with the Brand and drafted several concepts, each a unique interpretation of the Brand's lively spirit and tropical allure. Our proposals were not simple floral arrangements, but storytelling elements designed to create an immersive experience for the guests.

Our dedication to excellence was evident to Hunter Grace PR from the initial sketches to the final presentation for client review. 

We strived to blend aesthetics with emotion, making us the ideal event florist for this high-profile occasion. 

As the chosen concept began to take shape, it promised to transform London's Maine Mayfair restaurant into a Brazilian beach paradise, a testament to Amaranté's prowess in using flowers for events for an unforgettable experience.

As the chosen florist for this grand event, we collaborated closely with Hunter Grace PR to bring beautiful floral arrangements to this product launch. Our creations seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic, enhancing the visual appeal and contributing to the occasion's success. 

Each arrangement featured a burst of colourful stems, mirroring the vibrancy of Sol de Janeiro's new products. The lively hues added a dynamic visual element, creating a stunning backdrop for the event.

In a nod to the ingredients of the new products, we incorporated Anthuriums throughout the arrangements as a thoughtful touch ensured a harmonious connection. To further amplify the natural theme of the products, we introduced small plants into our designs; their brilliant green accents brought a refreshing touch to each arrangement.

Browse our colourful and rich photo gallery showcasing the vibrant floral arrangements in their full glory at the event, witness how Amaranté London brought the spirit of Brazil to life, and let us inspire you for your next event. Immerse yourself in the splendour of Amaranté London's floral artistry. Explore the vibrant photo gallery for this event and witness the beauty of the bespoke floral arrangements we created for this event.

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Vibrant bespoke floral installation by Amaranté London at Maine Mayfair restaurant featuring Sol de Janeiro products amidst exotic flowers and lush greenery on a marble countertop.
A lavish array of Sol de Janeiro's beauty products elegantly presented on a grand table amid Amaranté London's striking floral arrangements, with a backdrop of chic interior decor at Maine Mayfair restaurant.
Elegantly set dining table at Maine Mayfair restaurant with Amaranté London's floral centerpieces, fine glassware, and personalized place settings for an exclusive Sol de Janeiro event.

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