Floral Picture Wall for GumGum US tech company Event in Cannes, France

Floral Picture Wall for GumGum US tech company Event in Cannes, France

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GumGum is a contextual intelligence company providing high-impact advertising technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyse and understand the full content of a page. This popular high-tech US company chose Amarante London as their event florist for the design and creation of flowers for their event in Cannes, France, where they hosted an event. 

We partnered with GumGum to create a luxury flower wall - the perfect photo opportunity for all their guests to enjoy at their villa in Cannes, France.

A free-standing luxury floral composition for corporate events by Amaranté London.
Corporate Flowers for Events by Amaranté

The Brief

In celebration of their company visit to Cannes for a corporate event, GumGum partnered with us for their corporate flowers after assessing our work as an event florist to ensure the perfect floral arrangement for the location. They sought a bright and bold flower wall to be the perfect background for all their guests' photo requirements.

Nothing beats an eye-popping backdrop of flowers for many amazing photo opportunities, which is what GumGum wanted when they partnered with us to create a unique installation for the villa they had chosen in Cannes.

A closeup image of the flower wall designed and created by Amaranté, international Event Florist, based in London.
Flower Wall for photos by Amaranté London


GumGum's bright branding colours were an excellent source of inspiration for our florists when thinking about creating a flower wall that would catch everyone's eye while staying on brand.

 A selection of stems used for this unique and luxurious wall of flowers, the perfect background for selfies and group photos for participants to share.
A closeup view of the Stems in this installation

Final Designs

Thinking carefully about which stems would best complement each other, we created a bold, beautiful flower wall. Knowing GumGum desired it to be a stand-out backdrop at their event, we ensured that our floral arrangement was popping with colour while also channelling all of GumGum's brand colours.

 A view of this floral composition placed at the entry of the villa
Full view of the Flower Wall on the villa gate

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