Haute Calls Amaranté Event Florist to decorate their interior space

Haute Calls Amaranté Event Florist to decorate their interior space

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Haute Dolci® is known for their creative vision that the successful brand it is today. As a luxury dessert parlour, Haute were very clear on how they envisioned our corporate flower arrangements adding to their gorgeous interior space. 

A floral cloud created from a selection of naturally preserved stems
Flowers for Events: Floral Cloud

The Brief

Amaranté partnered with Haute Dolci as their event florist to create some thoughtfully curated floral designs. The objective was to enhance their luxurious location and highlight certain areas of their space by creating a series of unique installations. It was imperative to Haute that we thoughtfully created every design that would reflect their brand and fit perfectly with the neutral furniture colours within their parlours. To keep on theme with the brand, we used a range of purple and pink stems which perfectly matched their interior space.

A free standing floral installation - corporate flowers designed and produced in the U.K. by Amaranté London
Free Standing Floral Installation by Amaranté Event Florist


One of our biggest inspirations for this corporate client was colour. We proposed to use a delicate mix of natural and vibrant stems in each design, creating a striking, bold appearance that stands out for all guests to enjoy.

Final Designs

Thanks to our experience in the design and production of flowers for events, we created luxury installations that are very unique to Haute's interior space and theme. Our florists designed a large freestanding installation to perfectly frame Houte's logo, making it a natural background for people to pose for photos. We created a bright floral cloud to bring some fun but elegant features to the main room. This installation was ideal for enhancing Haute's luxury interior and providing a floral design they didn't need to place on a table.

A selection of table arrangements and centrepieices - flowers for events by Amaranté London.
Table Arrangements: Flowers for Events by Amaranté London

Corporate Flowers - Flowers for Events by Amaranté

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