Amaranté Floral Installations for Loupe

Amaranté Floral Installations for Loupe

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Loupe Fine Jewellery, were actively seeking a creative event florist with experience in the design and production of flowers for events and corporate flower arrangements.

Loupe is a powerful brand. So powerful, they have never felt the need to advertise - all their work is generated by recommendation. We knew we had to create a bespoke line of floral arrangements to meet their expectations and communicate the elegance, mysteries and character of the Jewellery industry. Our bespoke floral arrangements would decorate the interior of Loupe's sales floor.

 Freestanding floral installation, corporate flowers for Loupe, designed by Amaranté event florist.
Free Standing Luxury Floral Installation

The Brief

It was important to Loupe that these installations be vibrant, fresh, and thoughtfully curated to perfectly channel their brand through corporate floral arrangements. It was also important that they be freestanding, which gave our florists something to consider regarding the type of installations we would create.


We took one of our main points of inspiration from Loupe's brand colours. We also needed to consider how best to use these colours within our installations, along with the forms and textures present within the store's interior, to ensure the florals fit seamlessly within the environment.

Through research, we also drew inspiration from popular floral arrangements present within competitor stores. This allowed our team to carefully consider the location of each installation as this may affect the style of arrangement along with the choice of colours and stems.

Single vase preserved flower arrangement featuring 5 large white roses
Flowers for Events: A Vase Floral Design

Bespoke Floral Designs

Our florists created a variety of large freestanding arrangements of preserved flowers created on plinths. These designs expressed quite a modern style that successfully recreated the luxurious and opulent feeling of fresh flowers. We also designed installations on a smaller scale, perfect to dress the windows and provide floral decoration to the charming pieces in the Loupe collection.

Keeping in mind the need for the installations appear fresh, we proposed a variety of preserved Eucalyptus in varying shapes and sizes along with preserved Champagne Roses to best recreate fresh flowers using a sustainable alternative.

Amaranté Flowers for Events

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Amaranté is an innovative Event Florist providing eco-friendly Flowers for Events. Our expertise, passion for flowers, and experience have led us to offer unique corporate floral arrangements for exciting clients across different industries.

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