Megan's Winter Terrace in London Winter Terrace Launch Event

Megan's Winter Terrace in London Winter Terrace Launch Event

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A few weeks ago, the Amaranté team were commissioned the creation of a bespoke floral design by Megan’s Terrace to decorate their snow-covered forest-inspired terrace. They brought the pop-up to Clapham Common last year. Back when we could not visit our favourite indoor venues. Since then, they have built a new structure. They were seeking an event florist with experience in wedding and events floral design for their launch party event. They asked Amaranté to help.

A Magical Winter Wonderland in Clapham?

Megan's wanted a unique composition of flowers for their opening event to transform their Winter Terrace into an icy-blue Winter Forest. They emphasised how much they wanted this to be the most magical pop-up in London. Megan's Terrace is where the girls socialise into the night and bring their canine companions along. Thanks to our experience, we could deliver the flowers of their choice that brought their vision to life. Flowers for events provide much beauty without fuss, especially ours.

Designing Flowers for Events

We proposed a colour scheme consisting of pale blue, white and silvers to decorate their event. Megan's brands itself as the ultimate girl's hangout spot, and they love their baby blues! With this in mind, we designed fixtures that transform every corner of their new seating area into snap-worthy backgrounds. Nothing says girls' night like a photo shoot.

Amaranté floral design, winter flower decoration at Megan's Terrace in London
The Amaranté Floral Design for Megan's Event

The Launch Party: an Event to Remember

Using responsibly sourced dried flower bouquets featuring stems such as Pampas flowers, Wheat, and Baby's Breath to mimic the appearance of snow-covered trees. Many ferns also provided a rich and lively base for brighter blooms. Combining them with such detail and intricacy gave guests something to admire when they entered the venue.

Our flowers were noticeable as soon as guests entered the location. We carefully studied our flowers' layout and positioning for this event. We positioned a luxury bespoke bouquet at the entrance to welcome guests. We created this large bouquet of dried flowers around pastel blue Infinity Roses, Bunny Tails, Wheat and Pampas flowers. Flowers for events make a memorable first impression. they present your brand and let your customers know you have fun with it, helping them relax and enjoy the party.

Dried flower bouquet featuring eco-friendly blue roses at the reception.
Blue Roses and Dried Flowers in a White Matte Rose Box

Keep Up Momentum

Small table fixtures lead to large flower decoration. Here guests and influencers can sit and fill their Instagram stories with snaps of themselves and their friends. A neon sign reading 'The Kissing Booth' is above a white sofa with disco balls surrounding either side.

Pampas flowers create height for a snowy and sparkly floral arch. Stems of silver Sword fern look like icicles and makes it feel like you're sipping cocktails at the north pole.

You can use flowers like these in any colour to create a theme for your event. Our florists would have plenty of ideas to bring your event to life. For Megan's, innovation came as a Pampas flowers butterfly wings fixture. These designs bring something different for guests to enjoy that they might not see elsewhere. When people look at the pictures from your launch party on social media, these are the magical touches that make them want to visit!

Wings Display Floral Design positioned for guests to take photos and selfies during the party
Our Flowers for events, ideal for a photo or a selfie

Let us Decorate your Launch Party!

We cater for all kinds of events, whether you’re throwing a party for your restaurant or want to celebrate the launch of a new product. We are an expert event florist. We will listen carefully to your requests and propose a number of floral designs from which to choose to ensure your event is everything you wanted. You can check out other floral designs and flowers for events designed for many other locations and brands for some inspiration!

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