Flowers For Events Designed by Amaranté - Spring Events 2022

Flowers For Events Designed by Amaranté - Spring Events 2022

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We have had a great spring season with many new and interesting clients who partnered with us for the design and creation of their corporate flowers for events - What an exciting time! Spring 2022 saw us work with many wonderful brands. We travelled to Cannes for a particular floral installation. We created many wedding florals.

Amaranté Flowers for Loupe

We partnered with luxurious jewellery brand Loupe to create some fresh, vibrant floral designs, perfect for them to showcase on their sales floor.

Loupe Fine Jewellery was actively seeking a creative event florist with experience in the design and production of flowers for events and corporate flower arrangements and chose our Floral Installations described in this article.

Expressing a modern, opulent style, every freestanding installation effortlessly channelled the appearance of fresh flowers, which is exactly what Loupe was looking for.

Bespoke freestanding floral installation featuring preserved stems and infinity roses
White and Orange Flowers in a Freestanding Floral Arrangement
Head made bespoke dried flower bouquet in a vase featuring large white infinity roses, red flowers and bright green foliage
Bespoke Dried Flower Bouquet in Crystal vase

Amarante Corporate Flowers for Citi Bank

At times, corporate events require bold, beautiful decorations: for example, elegant aesthetic backdrops, perfect for any photo to commemorate the evening. Citi Bank was seeking a design that would provide guests with a strong visual memory and wanted us to deliver flowers that could do just that.

We created gorgeous floral designs for our client Citi Bank to create the perfect stand-out décor for their recent event. We decked out the entirety of Citi Bank's event, ensuring everyone was surrounded by beautiful flowers throughout the event.

A dried flower garland with large hot pink infinity roses, created specifically as a featured table design
Flowers for Events: Preserved Flower Garland
Hot pink Infinity Roses in square white matte finish rose boxes
Rose Boxes with Hot Pink Infinity Roses

Read more about The Citi Bank Event.

Amaranté Corporate Flowers for Haute

To enhance their luxury interior, we thoughtfully curated floral designs for Haute Dolci to highlight key areas of their space. To keep on theme with their brand, we used a range of pink and purple dried flowers, perfectly matching the rest of their interior space.

Bespoke floral installation, created to be featured next to our client's logo
Pink Dried Flower Floral Installation
Bespoke floral cloud made from preserved flowers
Bespoke Floral Cloud

Read more about Haute here.

Amaranté X GumGum

Nothing beats an eye-popping flower wall for amazing photo opportunities. The elegance was an essential GumGum requirement for the event florist who would create a unique installation for their Cannes villa.

Taking inspiration from their bright brand colours, our florists created a beautiful flower wall that stood out and became the perfect photo backdrop.

An eye-popping flower wall created using dried flowers with colours inspired by GumGums logo
GumGum Flower Wall
Close up for stems used to create a flower wall that featured in our clients Cannes villa
Closeup view of the stems in the flower wall

Read more about the GumGum flower wall.

Amaranté Flowers for Weddings

A wedding party posing for some fun photos with their wedding florals.
Wedding party with Amaranté wedding bouquets and buttonholes

We've been lucky enough to work with several different couples and create a vast range of beautifully unique wedding flowers for so many different types of weddings.

This month, our team created gorgeous bouquets, wedding centrepieces and installations using carefully selected preserved roses and flowers.

A bespoke installation is featuring preserved stems with the addition of wedding white infinity roses
Floral Installation for the Wedding Party
Bespoke wedding dried flower bouquet featured in a tall white vase
Wedding Floral Arrangement in tall white vase

Read more about Amaranté Weddings.

What an incredible season it's been so far. I couldn't be prouder of every member of our team who works hard to ensure every client has the best flowers for their events.

Contact us now if you're interested in having our designs and creativity featured at your next event or wedding celebration.


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