Citi Bank

We partnered with Global Investment Bank, Citi Bank, to create some outstanding florals designs for their NFT event.  


It’s common when hosting a big event to have bold, beautiful decorations to provide your guests with memorable, aesthetic backdrops, perfect for any photo to commemorate the evening – this is exactly what Citi Bank had in mind when partnering with us. 

From the first conversation, Citi Bank had a lot of ideas they wanted us to bring to life with long lasting flowers. However, the main objective remained to provide their guests with stunning floral installations that would constantly be turning heads throughout the evening. They also had to stay on brand and within the themes of the event. 


We decked out the entirety of Citi Bank's event with our unique floral designs, ensuring everyone was surrounded by beautiful florals throughout the event.

Our team made a floral display using 50 rose boxes containing 4 Infinity Roses in each of them. We also decked out every table with garlands, created using different types of green Eucalyptus foliage as a natural base. We then added layers of Gypsohilia and Ruscus along with bright hot pink Infinity Roses which became the stand out focal flowers for each garland. The roses also added pops of bright colour, stand out colour for everyone to enjoy.

We cater for every type of event and client. If you’re considering using us to bring your event vision to life, then please fill out the enquiry form below. Please provide as much information as you can too. For instance, the space you are working with, what kind of design you have in mind and how we can help you with it.

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