As a brand-new restaurant, we had the perfect opportunity to help Nova make its mark from the minute its doors opened for the very first time. As a unique venue, we knew we had to keep its distinctive features while bringing to life a natural jungle / forest look that Nova envisioned to be the finishing touch to their restaurant. 


From our very first conversation, Nova was clear upon the look they saw our florals adding to their space. We wanted to use stems that created a natural look, such as different types of Eucalyptus, Fan palms, Broom green and Trailing Bleached Amaranthus. It was important to Nova that we kept to this colour scheme in order to successfully create a vibrant jungle look that appeared as natural as if it were taken right from a real-life jungle. 

Ensuring every area is photographable was also a factor we had to consider when creating our designs. In order to achieve this while not taking away from the luxurious interiors and existing design, our team analysed the top Instagram posts tagged at competitor locations to explore the most aesthetically pleasing photos. From this, we gained knowledge of the most popular type of arrangements that people love to pose in front of. 


We designed arrangements for four major areas throughout the restaurant: the entrance, reception desk, private dining areas and the bar. We also created smaller arrangements for each of the tables, adding something special for every dining experience. For the entrance, we create a stunning floral arch, perfectly in-keeping with both the nature inspired green tones and Nova’s trademark golden glow.

For the reception desk, our florists brought to life a free-standing tree. Once again filled with a selection of gorgeous green stems, lots of elegant white roses were also delicately woven into this arrangement adding unique pops of colours, guaranteed to catch people’s eyes. 

The private dining areas at Nova’s restaurant are at the height of what is expected with a luxury dining experience. Our florists introduced trailing green foliage to this space, created with green palms to match the black wall panels and other existing interiors. 

Inspired by bright, eye-catching tree designs, our florists created a golden and ivory tree, matching the trailing foliage on the bar. Sticking to the natural colour palette, the green stems here shine out and are perfectly blended with the more obvious and striking editions of golden stems, which tie perfectly into the existing golden theme running through the restaurant. We kept this bright and light, as the bar has a lowered ceiling and we were conscious of it appearing too dark

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