Fitzgeralds Woodlands

Wanting to use unique floral designs to enhance their beautiful, inviting space, we partnered with our first international client, Fitzgeralds Woodlands Hotel and Spa, to create a variety of remarkable floral installations, inspired by the natural and organic surroundings of the Hotels Limerick location in Ireland.  


From the beginning, it was key that we ensured every floral installation was in keeping with the hotel’s theme in terms of colour and style of the designs. It was also important to this client that everything should be sustainable and organic which perfectly aligned with our values of only using ethically sourced, sustainable materials. In order to maintain their desired natural and woodland look, we planned to use a lot of foliage and stems that give the impression they’ve been taken directly from nature.      

Ensuring every area is photographable was also a factor we had to consider when creating our designs. In order to achieve this while not taking away from the luxurious interiors and existing design, our team analysed the top Instagram posts tagged at competitor locations to explore the most aesthetically pleasing photos. From this, we gained knowledge of the most popular types of installations that people love to pose in front of.


Nature was a key point of inspiration when it came to these designs. Given the already gorgeous location of this hotel and spa, our team wanted to take the most beautiful parts of the natural world and bring it forth into every floral arrangement. With nature still top of mind, our team became enthused by the idea of recreating natural forms and textures within arrangements that are directly inspired by the outdoors. 

Another key point of inspiration came from an analysis of the top Instagram posts tagged at the Woodlands. From these findings, our team was able to deduct that the most popular photos from this location were mostly taken during weddings and people’s hotel rooms. This encouraged our team to think about floral installations that would be perfect for different parts of the hotel, allowing people to enjoy eye catching, beautiful florals wherever they go during their stay. We hoped that this would lead to an increase in overall social engagement.               


For this client, we needed to provide a variety of installations that would be suitable for different parts of the interior. While we planned to keep the same colour scheme throughout all the installations, to provide a continual, shared theme, our team also planned for each arrangement to compliment the space it would be put in, making them all unique in their own way. Having studied the space, our florists planned to include 7 different installations in the lobby and 2 in the atrium.       


After consulting with our farmers, our team set to work to bring all the beautiful arrangements in the drawings to life. Bringing together stems such as sage green foliage, green Amaranthus and Ivy trails to create the ultimate green, natural look combined with our long-lasting pink and white Infinity Roses.


Across the lobby, we designed 7 different installations, all unique to the specific parts of the lobby they will be showcased. Several larger installations, such as an Indoor Tree, Portable Wedding Fayres Flower Wall, and Suspended Chandelier arrangement were designed to all be in keeping with the desired natural look while also being a striking, eye-catching addition to the space.  

Every installation was also designed to be perfect for every type of photographable moment. At the key focal point for the entrance, we created an installation that perfectly replicated the surrounding meadows of the estate and was perfect to hang above a seating area and a logo of the Woodlands. Together, this became an area to entice visitors to mark their moment at the Woodlands. This installation was also created using sage green foliages, pink ruscus, hydrangea and preserved pink, champaign and white roses.

For the atrium, we placed two large urn installations on plinths either side of the room that effortlessly framed the alter. Filled with neutral blush, ivory tones, and green foliage, they were both on theme with nature and made very beautiful additions to the room. We also dressed the existing chandelier to create a suspended floral feature. Using mainly blush and ivory tones, this was another feature that was designed to catch people’s eye while also emulating the beauty of nature.        

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