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To welcome in a new season, we’ve brought with us a brand-new collection of Dried Flowers and Forever Roses complied into bouquets designed to perfection. With these new bouquets, we aim to change how we buy flowers forever. Among these new bouquets, we bring you the stunning Adore You Dried Flower collection.

An Adoring Description

The new Adore You Dried Flowers are bursting with the feeling of love. Inspired by gothic architecture, this bouquet is ideal for giving your home a passionate, elegant, and adoring touch. With a design of elegance and adoration, Adore You is a timeless and long-lasting gesture to indulge your loved one. With inspiration direct from the routes of gothic architecture, the Adore You Dried Flower collection is truly multipurpose. Especially with the upcoming celebration of Halloween. The gothic tones and vibes throughout Halloween are something that means too many people.

However, Adore You Dried Flowers aren't explicitly for the gothic vibes that inspired it. The new collection is also perfect for the contrasting opposite; a smothering expression of love. The Adore You bouquet collection matches the spooky celebration as well as a deep expression of love in beauty and majesty. While you may not find yourself celebrating it, this bouquet is the perfect way to indulge in the gesture to show a fellow gothic admirer that you adore them. However, a gothic theme is not just for Halloween, it is a lifestyle to some.

Adore You: Close Up
A close up of the new Adore You Dried Flower Bouquet

A Word from the Floral Architect:

This dark and dramatic bouquet is the perfect way to show that special someone how much you love them. Elegant, striking - the arrangement will look stunning paired with a vintage-inspired vase. I styled this arrangement in a black vase complete with botanical drawings” - Maria, Head florist. The Adore You bouquet originates from dark and gothic themes to articulate the feeling of ancient love and adoration. Precision in design, articulated to ensure the feeling of love is present, no matter the sentiment.

A Bouquet Breakdown:

The beautiful Adore You collection is compiled of various Dried Flowers that are farmed and sourced specially from our farmers in Ecuador. However, you can’t express adoration without some Forever Roses such as Preserved Red Roses, Dried Spray Roses. The Adore You bouquets also include Dried Flowers such as Pampas, Fan Palms, Thistle, Lavender, Amaranthus, Red Broom, and Mixed Eucalyptus. So with all these various types of Dried Flowers, we make sure they are carefully picked for the perfect expression for adoration for the new collection. While fresh flowers have fragrance, they are dead and gone in a week.

However, Dried Flowers and Forever Roses are guaranteed to live up to a year-long and beyond while maintaining their fragrance for just as long. Therefore this may sound unethical, but it’s quite the opposite. Our method for procuring Forever Roses and Dried Flowers is eco-friendly and carbon negative. Through B Corp farming, it allows us to bring you beautiful flowers and look after the planet at the same time. This is what makes them the perfect sustainable alternative. Plus as a further effort to give back to the environment, we plant two trees with every purchase.

Adore You Collection: Jars
Adore You Dried Flowers in jars

Adoration in Many Forms:

The Adore You collection is specially compiled of Dried Flowers and Forever Roses are available to be bought in many forms. From jam jars to bouquets in sizes in small, medium, and large. Every size variation is a unique gesture. The Adore You Dried Flowers in jam jars are great for bringing a gesture to a whole household or multiple people. Our jam jars for Dried Flowers are ideal for a sense of elegance with a passionate, adoring touch. However, the Adore You collection is also ideal for a gothic-themed makeover, as well as a deep warm expression of love.

However, jam jars are but one option to pick from. Various sized bouquets are also available to bring the perfect sized bouquet desired for your home. With the Adore You collection coming in the sizes jars, Medium, and Large; there is the perfect size bouquet to be found with careful consideration. Adore You Dried Flowers bouquets in vases are for the desired vibe of bringing indulgent love to an entire room in magnificent fashion. Have your adoration for your loved one on display with an Adore You bouquet.

Complete Adore You Collection
The complete Adore You Dried Flower Collection

Packaged with care:

We strive to ensure the highest quality products from the bouquets to the packaging itself. We aim to ensure that the unboxing experience is as special as the bouquet itself, a unique experience like no other. Above all our packaging of Dried Flower bouquets is important to us, this ensures you receive your beautiful bouquet, but the bouquet is also just as important itself. Custom arranged in the UK, the Adore You Dried Flower bouquets arrangements are the perfect look in your home.

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