Infinity Rose Hat Box: The Perfect Wedding Gift

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As the wedding season is approaching, you'd want to find practical yet memorable wedding gifts for your loved ones. While fresh flowers barely last over two weeks, our infinity rose hatbox is an ever-lasting wedding gift.

Here at Amarante, we preserve responsibly sourced roses with a particular chemical procedure so you can gift your loved ones stunning roses that remain fresh for up to three years. The best thing about our infinity roses is that they look and smell exactly like fresh roses from a garden. Continue reading our guide to learn more about the Amaranté collection of infinity roses in a hatbox.

Our Wicked White Infinity Rose hatbox

No colour represents elegance better than white does. White roses are worth cherishing for years, especially when they come beautifully arranged in our round peach hatbox.

Not only do white roses look breathtaking, but they represent purity, young love, and loyalty - the foundation of a strong marriage. Similarly, a round box is ideal as circles represent wholesomeness and unity. The couple can decorate the stunning roses in their new home for years to come. This will also act as a reminder for the couple as to how much you care about them.

Our Red Wedding Roses in a Box

Infinity roses: red wedding roses
Wedding Roses: Red infinity roses in a hatbox

Just looking at red roses reminds you of young love and weddings. Red roses are mesmerising, as each rose is preserved at its largest bloom and smells absolutely beautiful. Gift any newlyweds amongst friends and family some stunning red infinity roses in a round white hatbox.

We offer several arrangements from which you can choose, plus you can add in different coloured roses to create stunning contrast. For instance, adding a few white and pink roses with our red roses would create a unique yet breathtaking combination. Not only will the gorgeous roses in a box make an ideal decorative piece for the newlyweds home, but it’ll keep the newlywed spirit alive for years to come.

Light Pink Roses in a Hatbox

Imagine yourself standing in a garden filled with light pink roses; that’s how heavenly light pink roses in a box look. Gift the newlyweds a gift that they’ll continue to cherish, even when they’re no longer a newlywed couple. Our pink roses look mesmerising in our white hatbox, and the combination of white and pink is best suited for weddings.

While white represents purity and loyalty, pink roses represent grace and sweetness - precisely what a loving marriage is filled with. Plus, our roses come with a 365-day guarantee, which makes them the perfect gift to create everlasting memories.

Yellow Infinity Roses in a Box

White, pink, and red roses are commonly found in weddings - however adding a little splash of colour won’t hurt. Our yellow roses are like sunshine in a box and almost impossible not to love. The roses emit a feeling of brightness and happiness, exactly what the newlywed couple would be feeling on their wedding day.

Gift your family with a splash of sunshine on their special occasion arranged beautifully in our white round hatbox. Each of our yellow roses is 5-6 cm in size and smell as fresh as a rose garden. These beautiful roses would light up any room they’re kept in with summer sensations for years to come, and the couple won’t forget your stunning gift anytime soon.

Our Navy Blue Roses in HatBox

A stunning royal blue infinity rose
A single Royal Blue Forever Rose to stand out

Are you someone who likes to hand over gifts that stand out? Because if so, our navy roses are the perfect wedding gift for you. Simply imagining a lovely bunch of navy blue roses makes one think of a dreamy and mystical moment as a royal blue rose represents thoughtfulness.

Show everyone just how happy you are for them by gifting them a stand-out gift for their wedding. As wedding roses, the perfect arrangement would ideally be in a white hatbox, as navy blue and white is a classic combination.

Our Rainbow Infinity Roses in a Box

You may not have heard of a rainbow rose before; that’s what makes them the perfect unique wedding gift. Our rainbow roses can capture anyone’s attention and are perfect for gifting your friends or relatives.

The rose has hints of yellow, pink, and green - all blended on beautiful full-blown roses. While summer may come and go, the beautiful set of roses will keep the newlyweds home filled with sunshine and warmth for years to come.

Order a Stunning Rose hatbox as the Perfect Wedding Gift Today

Once you’ve determined which colour and arrangement of infinity roses you want to order, you can either click and collect the roses or get them delivered to an address of your choice.

Each of our arrangements can be customised to your preference, and you can pick and choose from our variety of 15 coloured roses. If you need help ordering, you can get in touch with one of our personal shopping experts, who’ll guide you through each step. Our aim is to provide the best quality wedding flowers to make the day one to remember.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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