The Wild Elegance of the Urban Jungle Dried Flowers

Urban Jungle is a new bouquet collection made up exclusively of Dried Flowers, and it's not for the faint-hearted. With a very unique feeling, This new collection is extremely vibrant and demanding in tone. In other words, it is perfect for the expression that is desired to be heard.

Through this detailed description of everything to do with the brand-new Urban Jungle dried flowers collection, we aim to prove exactly why the preserved Flowers of the Urban Jungle collection is the perfect form of expression for you.

Urban Jungle
An Urban Jungle Bouquet

A Word from the Floral Architect

"This is my favourite bouquet in the collection due to its outdoor plant influence. This bouquet is not for the faint-hearted and fits in wonderfully in a maximalist designed room. This arrangement would pair nicely with a concrete vase or take a more Baroque approach and style in a gold vase" - Maria, Head Florist.

With a specifically chosen contrast between a concrete vase and a golden vase to accompany the Dried Flowers. This is so that it makes up this new collection. Our head florist takes her creation to its fullest potential, in magnificent beauty, for all to see.

While the golden vase screams elegance and sophistication, the concrete vase is for a sense of bringing wildflowers to your home. This is to express what works best for the Urban Jungle collection and what will ensure that this new collection flourishes to its fullest of potentials.

View of the
Urban Jungle up and close

An Origin

This collection consists of various Dried Flowers. Consisting of: Black broom, peacock feathers, protea, fan palm, trailing amaranthus, wheat, craspedia, and thistle.

Our stems are specially picked and sourced from our B Corp farmers in Ecuador. This is so that we can guarantee to continue to bring you the highest quality of Dried Flower bouquets. Through this, we ensure to take care of the environment in which the flower stems are sourced from.

Our flowers are guaranteed to live for up to 365 days, many times longer than the fresh flower alternative – making them the perfect sustainable alternative. We guarantee to plant two trees in return for every single order made. This is to ensure each purchase is a carbon negative one.

By going carbon negative through using B Corp alternatives with our farmers in Ecuador, we ensure that we do not harm the environment. This practice makes it possible to both care for the environment and also bring you the best and most beautiful looking Flowers simultaneously.

A Bouquet Breakdown

Every bouquet consists of seasonal flowers carefully chosen from various different types of stems. This makes the collection the perfect way to bring the outside to the inside. Inspired by plants and wildlife, this bouquet combines earthy, industrial and concrete tones. While it also interweaves the elegance of Baroque architecture within the bouquet.

This collection has been influenced heavily by the Baroque style of architecture. For the desired and loud expression of vibrancy, these flowers are the way forward. While loud and vibrant, it is also a collection of the utmost elegance.

The inspiration for this collection comes from the representation of the elegance of theatre. With the theatre's demanding presence, the bouquet is heard through desired emotion that comes from theatrical performances.

Dried flower bouquet - Amaranté London
Detailed view of a dried Flower Bouquet

Packaged With Care

As Amaranté's Head Florist stated, the golden vase allows this collection to reach its full potential. However, these dried blooms in vases are not the only option available. Amaranté also features bouquets in jam jars which are perfect for elegance spread throughout the household.

Alternatively, to even spread a sense of elegance through multiple homes. These are the perfect option for a mini-sized sense of elegance running throughout one's home, or indeed, multiple homes.

However, on top of jam jars or elegance, there are also options of bouquets in various sizes. These bespoke bouquets come in sizes ranging from Jam Jars, Medium, and Large. Elegance is a guaranteed standard from the flowers to the packaging, no matter the choice.

A smaller sized bouquet is just as important to us and, indeed, you. No matter the size of the bouquet, the unboxing experience will be a unique experience. Above all, the bouquets are guaranteed to be remembered, and the unboxing experience is just as special.

Dried blooms in baroque vase
Dried Flower Bouquet in baroque themed vase
infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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