Say Sorry with Flowers

Say Sorry with Flowers

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Flowers are a great way to say you're sorry when you realise you've misbehaved. It can happen with your wife, your mom, a son, or a relative. Sometimes we say things we should keep to ourselves with dear friends and hurt their feelings. A luxury bouquet can help break the ice and melt away the frost that can build up and ruin a relationship. Let the flowers speak for you! Flowers can soften the harshest of words and repair the most broken of bonds. They say I'm sorry better than any spoken word ever could. The beauty of flowers is that they can say so much without ever uttering a sound. So, if you're looking for a way to say you're sorry, why not say it with flowers?

Say sorry with flowers on those days when you have moments where you need to straighten things up with your family or friends alike. Mistakes and misjudgements are bound to happen to all. The important thing is how to make amends.

Flowers to say Sorry

First things first. Recognising you are at fault with yourself and then expressing that feeling is a sign of strength. It might seem counterintuitive, but taking responsibility for blunders and correcting them is a virtue. An elegant bouquet of Dried Flowers will soften that first-moment-after. What is so nice about a luxury bouquet is that it will last a very long time. These flowers are guaranteed to last for at least one year and as long as three years, making them the best flowers to say sorry to family, relatives or friends.

Say Sorry with Flowers on a Variety of Occasions

A luxury bouquet of forever flowers will help you get the message across no matter the circumstances. Our eco-friendly bouquets range from a conservative look and combination of colours to a more wild and fun choice. 

Luxury Bouquet of Dried flowers, includes 3 Large White Infinity Roses.
Bleached Haze Large Dried Flower Bouquet

Flowers that Pay Compliments

Flowers suit a variety of occasions. They are a beautiful extension of your good intentions. Also, they help break the ice if you are not very talkative. You can say sorry with flowers on some occasions and let them do the talking for you.

Lilac Skies. This dried flower bouquet is the perfect gift for someone who loves natural beauty and fragrance. The lavender and lymonium lilacs are known for their calming qualities. The wheat and lagurus give this dried floral bouquet a raw picked up from the field kind of feel while contrasting beautifully with the rest of the eco flowers.

This luxury bouquet of purple flowers is inspired by Parisian fashion, urban culture and artful gardens. This bouquet is the perfect gift to say sorry to a loved one, family member or friend and strike a balance between quality, elegance and price.

Luxury Bouquet of Dried Flowers in different shades of pruple
Purple Dried Flowers - The Lilac Skies Collections

Fallen Leaves. A Dried flower Arrangement with Golden Stems inspired by the colours of Fall and the way they appear in the soft sun. Warm tones appear as orange, red and brown. Mixed in the bouquet, you will find some stunning Eucalyptus Parvi and fresh, rich foliage that never goes a miss. Soft Bunny Tails create height along with beautifully textured Pampas Grass. These stems have a calming effect. This elegant bouquet of dried flowers has a rustic look specially designed for those who like a warm and cosy look at home.

Large Dried Flower Bouquet in warm autumn colours
The Colours of Autumn - The Fallen Leaves Collection

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infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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