Elegant Dried Wedding Flowers and Floral Arrangements

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Freedom is something everyone aspires to achieve. The road, the setbacks, the mistakes offer us lessons in the journey of discovery. Understanding what matters to us and living towards that life is a blessing in itself. While liberty is one of the essential things in life, dried flowers should express people's state of spirit.

Your wedding day, as "one-off" as it is, shouldn't be any different. No one said that Peonies, Tulips and Hydrangeas are not great dried wedding flowers. Wheat, Eucalyptus Cinerea and Bleached Ruscus make a hell of a bunch. Rustic Meadow is only one of many dried wedding flower arrangements that will stand out on that day.

Preserved dried wedding flowers in Glass Vase
Rustic Meadow in Glass Vase

These flowers have something special about them. As much as they will lighten up your wedding day, they will also be around for some time after. Adding the sustainable farming done for these eco flowers, your choice would be both sophisticated and considerate.

Flowers for Outdoor and Indoor Wedding Decorations

Be it within an elegant historic building or outside near an orchard, rustic long-lasting flowers tend to keep their charm. They will blend with the rest of the mise-en-scene and just lightly pop out whenever you or your guests have some time to look at the surroundings.

Go for the subtle beauty of the Bleached Haze while letting the vintage tints work their magic.

Stunning dried wedding flowers in a set of classic vase displays
Bleached Haze Flowers

If you happen to be following a more elegant wedding flower, the Fallen Leaves assortment would be one to consider. It's Autumnal aesthetic makes it look like your preserved flowers have been cut off a Belgian Master's painting.

Heart-warming dried wedding flowers in a dapper vase
Fragrant Fallen Leaves

Place them on a dark background and into an excellent metal or porcelain vase, and you're on track for that art-like aesthetic.

Rustic wedding blooms find their place outside as they do indoors. Preserved to stay with you past that big day, these eco-flowers are also as pragmatic as they are beautiful. They are more robust and require less attention than fresh cut flowers do. Also, the variety of blooms offered will put your imagination to work if feeling more adventurous.

Beautiful, Hassle Free and Versatile Floral Arrangements

No one said there is no room for being pragmatic when planning weddings. That, considering your choice, can be both aesthetically pleasing and friendly for the planet.

Having that coined, these assortments of flowers are highly recommended for the most diverse purposes.

Be it for welcoming wedding centrepieces, the potent symbolism of the arch, the stand out buttonhole or the unique wedding bouquet, these flowers are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Vibrant dried wedding flowers photographed in two different sizes
Paradise Flowers

Journeying through the short and fruitful activity, you may find that the durable flowers have a feel of their own. With these flowers, you and your guests will share a fondness for these florals. Moreover, considering you can use your dried flowers after the wedding, you can spoil your guests with a bit of a reminder of your special day.

Wedding Flowers: Nature Meets Responsibility

Suitable for both classic themed weddings and more modern ones, these floral arrangements are also a great alternative to artificial flowers. The faux option is generally chosen to be a more robust and durable option for fresh-cut blossoms. Yet, you will get the best of both worlds with preserved flowers.

 Aromatic dried wedding flowers blooms in a set of stylish jars
Elegant and Versatile Fallen Leaves

As in the case of eco flowers, the preserved alternative also comes with a one year guarantee. Cared for properly, a day will probably hold a bit more than that. This way, you can express your passion for flowers and nature. And besides that, you end up staying with your excellent floral choices for a lot more than a couple of days.

Bold Choices Out of Love for the Environment

The planet today requires us to put less stress on the ecosystem. The choices you make daily leave a carbon footprint. And it is up to us to limit the impact. Choosing long-lasting, ethically farmed flowers is only a tiny step in the chain. Yet, the minor improvements done daily are the ones that have the most significant impact.

Progress can only be made together by challenging, contributing and collaborating constantly. So, sit back, relax and choose your wedding florals today! Then, if you are looking for more wedding blossoms and inspirations, click here to read!

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