Elegant Dried Wedding Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Elegant Dried Wedding Flowers and Floral Arrangements

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Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can be difficult. From hanging flowers, to bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Uniting a wedding theme with flowers is essential to creating a dream wedding. Often this needs professional consultation. Have a look at some of our ideas for the variety of wedding flower choices, and see if a bespoke flower consultation is for you!

Row of flowers on the wedding dinner table
Flowers on the wedding table 

Hanging Flowers – Decorate the Heavens

Too often the rafters and walls of weddings are neglected. An otherwise gorgeous and beautiful venue can look empty or otherwise bare, if hanging flowers aren’t utilised to their fullest.

You can be a great with the kind of flowers you leave hanging around the room. Often, they can be used to hide ugly looking parts of an old church or barn, but even in the most beautiful rooms they have a purpose. Hanging decorations serve as a great contrast piece for the floor or eye level floral arrangements.

For example, say you have a white flower motif for the ground level of your wedding. Then, having white flowers hanging off the walls would only blend into the overall design. They’d pull attention rather than feel like they’re part of the design. Instead, why not consider a colour contrast? White is a relatively plain colour, but pink carnations with green holy leaves behind them would be the perfect solution!

When picking flowers, colour choice is paramount, as much as placement. Too much noise of one colour makes it all blend together. Variety makes a wedding more beautiful.

Small hanging flower decoration at outdoors wedding
Small hanging flower decoration

Flower Arches – The Centrepiece of the Wedding

If hanging flowers are the contrast in a wedding, the flower arch is the centrepiece. It should be the combination of all the themes together in one.

Much like how a wedding is a union of two peoples, the arch represents that. It is what the focus of the guests and entire wedding is upon. All eyes front, even as the married couple’s eyes are on each other.

Perhaps the arch can be the union of the couple’s favourite colours. Red and blue, despite being clashing colours, can be so fantastic together. The right shade of deep red roses and blue forget-me-nots can knit together like a floral spiral of colour. Unite these colours with a neutral, earthy colour like green holly or cream coloured wheat and barley, and you’ll have a perfect style to represent your love.

A stunning multi-coloured wedding arch flower decoration
Wedding arch flower decoration

Table Centrepieces – Eye Candy for Dinner

The reception dinner of a wedding is often not spoken as much as the planning for the main event. Usually, it is simply designed and lacking in unity from the venue. But there’s no reason to not expand your designs to this part of the wedding.

Centrepieces can be difficult. You don’t want them too big or extravagant, otherwise they’d take up space on the dinner tables. With people often sat with family or friends they’ve never met before, the last thing you need is a large or distracting centrepiece that acts as a divide.

Simplicity is key with these floral arrangements. You want to go for a flat, round design, or perhaps a stylish and elegant vase. The colours should be a complement to the eye level flowers from the venue, acting as a unifying motif for the wedding. It’s a chance for the party members to experience a smaller, table sized version of the wedding arch. All of this coming together to form the base of the most important flower design of the wedding.

Pink floral centrepiece in a pink themed wedding venue
Pink floral centrepiece

Bridesmaid Flowers - The Best Complements

It's not always done, but bridesmaids can also have bouquets that complement the bridal bouquet. The decision is usually up to the bride themselves, but often they can boost the appearance of her own dress and bouquet.

The colour and style of the bridesmaid flowers depends on their dresses and the theme of the wedding. Cream colours often go well with light, breezy colours like lilac or pink. Otherwise a rustic wedding can see warm red flowers or even orange and peach to truly capture the rural style. 

Whatever choice you go for, the most important part is size. Ideally, they should be no larger than a dozen or so flowers in a light bundle. You don't want the bridesmaids' bouquets to outshine the most important bouquet of the wedding: The bridal bouquet. 

The Best Men and Bridesmaids pose with the bride and groom
The Bridesmaids, best men and married couple

Bridal Bouquet – Iconic for a reason

The bridal bouquet is one of the most quintessential floral decisions. The size, the theme unity, the colours. It’s a complex decision.

Perhaps the wedding dress is ornate, exuberant and stylish. You need a bouquet that compliments that. A complex arrangement, woven and designed to be like a baroque painting. Or if there’s a simplistic, traditional dress choice, the flowers should be simple, dotted with colours that compliment the venue theme.

As well as the bouquet’s colours and style, the choice of arrangement is essential. Bouquets come in all shapes and sizes, from a classic cone to a more unconventional box or shoulder held design. Perhaps your dream dress is a bohemian style, or faery princess. Then why not have the wedding trail be covered in flowers?

The beauty of a bouquet, or any flower choice at a wedding, is that it’s your choice. And your dream. Any decisions you make are going to work because, deep down, you’ll always know the gorgeous wedding of your dreams. And so long as you celebrate with your favourite people in the world, there’s never a wrong answer.

The Bride holding a soft colour bouquet
The Bride & the Bouquet

Flower Consultation and Advice

Still undecided about the perfect flower decision? Or simply want one less thing to design and create for your wedding? That’s where Amarante can step in and make your dreams come true. We offer bespoke flower consultations for any occasion, and we love weddings the most.

Come to us with your crazy detailed wedding diaries. With your binders full of colour coded ideas. Or even just a dream and a few good ideas, and we will turn it into a reality.

Not only that, but all our flowers are 100% renewable. We guarantee these flowers will last for years, not days. Making for an amazing wedding present for your new united household and beloved friends.

Flowers aren’t meant to be for a single day. Just like a marriage, they should continue to bring joy to your life for as many years as possible. And Amarante are leaders in making beauty eternal.

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