Flowers for Events Designed by The Amaranté Events Team

Flowers for Events Designed by The Amaranté Events Team

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October was a busy month for our team! We had the pleasure of working with some great organisations seeking an event florist on various projects. From private parties to corporate events, we provide flowers for events of all sorts for different occasions. During October, we had the opportunity to work with clients outside of London. It's always exciting to get out of the city and explore new places. We look forward to continuing to work with our great clients in the lead-up to Christmas. We know it will be busy, but we're up for the challenge! In this article, we'd like to share the stories and photos of our floral arrangements.

Amaranté x Google

In honour of Black History Month, we partnered with Google UK to create a bespoke flower wall for their latest event. Inspired by the beauty of nature, we used striking foliage and wild leaves to bring this flower wall to life. The neon Google logo was the cherry on top, making it the perfect backdrop for photos.

Bespoke flower wall designed especially for Google
Neutral Tones Flower Wall
Closeup view of the logo carefully embedded in the flower wall
The bright logo in the flower wall

Amaranté for Kim Kardashian

In celebration of Kim Kardashian's recent birthday, on behalf of Pretty Little Thing, we created an unforgettable bespoke floral arrangement for this event. With everything from a personalised rose box to a minimalistic but striking design, we worked hard to make these event flowers something special.

Bespoke floral arrangement - Luxury dried flower bouquet featuring large white roses designed especially for Kim Kardashian
Bespoke Floral Arrangement: Large Dried Flower Bouquet
 A closeup view of this luxury bouquet, where you can see the large white roses
Large Luxury Bouquet - The White Roses and Flowers

Porte Noire at Kings Cross in London

 Flowers for events: entrance feature for Porte Noire Restaurant
Floral Installation at the entrance of a Restaurant

Wishing to attract attention to their entrance, Porte Noire's restaurant and wine bar was seeking an experienced event florist to create several elegant bespoke dried flower arrangements. Our florists created these beautiful, captivating floral installations for a warm and enchanting welcome to all incoming guests. From a bespoke installation right outside the entrance to several dried flower bouquets for the bar, we completely transformed the interior of this space.

A dried flower bouquet positioned on the bar at Port Noire in London at Kings Cross
Bespoke Bouquet of Dried Flowers in the bar area
The bouquet positioned in the bar area at Port Noire
Flower Bouquet for the bar

Amaranté Event Flowers for The Happy Place App

In celebration of the launch of her new app dedicated to helping people with self-care, Fern Cotton and her team, choose Amaranté as their event florist to create a bespoke flower wall. Since the app values a journey in finding balance, restoration and happiness, our florists took inspiration from the green shades of nature to create a beautiful, bespoke flower wall that was utterly eye-catching.

Bespoke flower wall by event florist Amaranté
Flower Wall (Fern Cotton)
Second view of the bespoke flower wall
Flower Wall (second view)

Flowers for Weddings

Every wedding requires us to channel our creative vision in a very different way, which is why we love it! This month, we made so many couple's dreams come true with our flowers for weddings: Bridal Bouquets, wedding centrepieces and installations - created to match every couples specific visions.

The groom holding our bespoke bridal bouquet while he looks at his bride on their wedding day
Bespoke Bridal Bouquet

Plant Hire

 Row of planters at Kensington Olympia designed and created by event florist Amaranté
Row of Planters

Catering for both interior and exterior locations, we offer plant hire for all occasions and events. During October, we were called to help this client in need of plants to decorate the venue with so many different plants that brought something unique to our client's event.

 Natural Peace Lily plant for hire all year round by Amaranté in London
Lily plant for hire decorating client area during an event
 Planters on display designed and created by Amaranté
Planters in an Event

What a fantastic place for our events team to be in going into the festive season! We love getting to work with so many wonderful clients, and I'm excited to see what events are in store for us next.

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