Crafting Magical Moments at Montcalm Hotels

Crafting Magical Moments at Montcalm Hotels

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As an experienced event florist, we've had the privilege of creating stunning Christmas flower arrangements for many occasions, but there was something truly special about bringing the joy of Christmas to so many hotels within the Montcalm group.

Our Christmas Floral Arrangements for The Montcalm Group

As we set out to weave the natural beauty of Christmas Flowers into these hotels, we were committed to embracing the individual charm of each hotel while creating a warm and inviting festive season atmosphere.

Let's dive into the floral magic we conjured at:

  • Montcalm Chilworth
  • Montcalm East
  • Montcalm Marble Arch
  • Montcalm Royal London

Montcalm Chilworth: Classic Wonderland Christmas FLowers

Our first stop was Montcalm Chilworth, where classic elegance reigns supreme. This hotel called for traditional, inviting floral installations that would transport guests to a traditional winter wonderland.

The main feature of this hotel was a Christmas tree adorned with timeless ornaments and sparkling lights. We took great care to preserve the hotel's classic tone by sticking to a traditional green colour palette and selecting baubles of complimenting colours, such as gold, mint green and red.

Keeping to using natural greenery, we proposed a Christmas wreath with charming pine cone accents to grace the entrance and welcome guests. Decorative baubles also brought some extra charm to this bespoke Christmas wreath, along with being a stand-out feature on smaller arrangements that echoed the same traditional theme, exuding an inviting joyful atmosphere.

Bespoke Christmas tree featuring naturally decorative bulbuls
Bespoke Christmas Tree - Montcalm Chilworth
Bespoke Christmas dried flowers wreath - Amaranté London Event Florist
Bespoke Christmas Dried Flowers Wreath - Montcalm Chilworth

Montcalm East: A Modern Marvel

Next, we ventured to Montcalm East, where our Christmas Flowers exuded a modern charm with silver accents and blue undertones. For this location, we created installations that seamlessly blended with the hotel's contemporary flair but also stood out amidst the contemporary surroundings.

Here, our featured installation was a stunning silver floral arch that framed an inviting walkway. This arch was also a bespoke floral installation for Christmas, crafted from delicate silver stems and adorned with glistening baubles. The elegant design of this installation beckoned guests with its modern charm. The Christmas tree, although traditionally decorated, sparkled with matching silver baubles, harmonising perfectly with the room's aesthetic.

A bespoke Christmas Floral Arch Installation, created using sustainable silver stems - Amaranté London, Event Florist
Bespoke Christmas Floral Arch Installation - Montcalm East
Festive stems in the form of a traditional Christmas tree
Bespoke Christmas Tree - Montcalm East

Montcalm Marble Arch: The Vibrance of Tradition

At Montcalm Marble Arch, we encountered a vibrant and traditional setting. During the brief, management's top requirement was to maintain the hotel's classic appeal while infusing it with an unmistakable festive spirit. We took that input, along with many other ideas and insights we collected while visiting the hotel, to create a floral design for Christmas.

The most important item of these Christmas flowers for hotel was the majestic green and gold Christmas tree, a stunning floral arrangement that graced the hotel's foyer, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia. As part of our design and strategy, we carried this gold theme through the rest of our installations, ensuring a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. This palette allowed us to add a touch of regality and warmth to the space, infusing it with grandeur and sophistication.

A large, eye-catching Christmas wreath, adorned with classic Christmas flowers and décor, served as a stand-out installation, enveloping guests in the magic of the season.

Bespoke floral wreath installation featuring naturally preserved stems
Bespoke Christmas Wreath Installation - Montcalm Marble Arch
Traditional Christmas tree installation with gold decorations
Bespoke Christmas Tree Installation - Montcalm Marble Arch

Montcalm Royal London: Classic Christmas Flowers with a Twist

Last but certainly not least, we arrived at Montcalm Royal London. Here, a traditional theme with hints of red, green, and silver awaited our creative touch.

For this hotel, we found simplicity was the key. After carefully reviewing all the generic specifications and detailed requirements for this hotel, we created a stand-out tree installation that would proudly complement the room's existing decor. In keeping with the red and green theme, we ensured that the tree effortlessly blended tradition with a touch of more modern sparkle and silver tones.

Bespoke Christmas tree, created using traditional tones and colours
Bespoke Christmas Tree - Montcalm Royal London
Christmas dried flower arrangement featuring a variety of red, silver and green stems
Bespoke Dried Flower Arrangement - Montcalm Royal London

A Diverse Array of Floral Creations for Hotels

No matter our client, we always relish the opportunity to create unique floral installations for Christmas, each tailored to the distinct character of the space. From modern charm to timeless elegance, our installations are always as diverse as the hotels themselves.

With another Christmas season looming, we can't wait to embark on more festive Floral Creations for Hotels and bring our passion for flowers to new spaces this year.

For more information and photos of this project see Bringing the beauty of Christmas to Montcalm Hotels.

If you're interested in having us design and create flowers for your hotel or venue for this festive season, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at 07566744737 or fill out the form on our events page, providing us with information about your hotel or event.

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