Angelo Poretti beer stand at Regent’s Park Taste Festival Event decorated by Event Florist Amaranté London. The archway is adorned with vibrant pink, red, and orange flowers and lush green foliage. Blue awnings and chairs create a Mediterranean ambiance.

Bespoke Floral Arrangements for The Angelo Poretti Beer Stand at Regent’s Park Taste Festival

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Amaranté London: Floral Mastery at the Regent’s Park Taste Festival

Renowned for our exceptional event floristry services in London, specialising in designing, creating, and installing bespoke floral arrangements for corporate events, we have built a reputation for transforming spaces into visually stunning environments.

Regent’s Park Taste Festival: A Culinary Paradise

The Taste of London is a delightful food festival held every summer in Regent’s Park. Over five days, the park is transformed into a culinary paradise, offering the best of the city’s food and drinks. Among the participants this year was Angelo Poretti. This well-known Italian beer brand sought our corporate event expertise to design, create, and install bespoke floral arrangements for its stand.

A Mediterranean Oasis: Angelo Poretti Stand

Angelo Poretti’s stand featured a two-level structure with a beige, stucco-like material, evoking a Mediterranean feel. The Poretti sign prominently displayed below the archway highlighted the brand. Blue awnings and wicker chairs were arranged around the serving area, offering a comfortable place for guests to enjoy their drinks.

The Challenge: Design and Deliver Vibrant Bespoke Floral Arrangements

We faced the challenge of decorating the stand with vibrant floral arrangements to create a colourful and inviting atmosphere. The entrance arch was adorned with lush green foliage and vibrant pops of pink, white, and orange flowers. Trees lined the arch and the building, adding a layer of natural beauty that perfectly fit the festival theme.

To ensure a cohesive and immersive experience, we covered every possible area without overwhelming the space. The ground floor featured hanging floral arrangements with green foliage interspersed with pink, orange, white, and purple stems, creating a cascading effect that drew the eye upwards.

This is a close-up view of the Angelo Poretti sign at Regent’s Park Taste Festival. Above the archway, lush green ivy and vibrant flowers in shades of pink, red, and orange create a welcoming atmosphere—bespoke floral arrangements by Event Florist Amaranté London.
View of the Stand, Featuring our Bespoke Foral Arrangements

A potted lemon tree in a bronze planter added a touch of freshness to the stand, complementing the Mediterranean-themed floral decor.

A potted lemon tree in a bronze planter at the Angelo Poretti stand during Regent’s Park Taste Festival. The vibrant greenery and yellow lemons add a touch of freshness, complementing the Mediterranean-themed floral arrangement. Plant hire by Florist Amaranté London.
Potted lemon tree at Angelo Poretti stand, adding freshness to the Mediterranean-themed decor.
The staircase was decorated with trailing ivy and vibrant pink, orange, and white floral arrangements, complementing the beige stucco structure.
In this photo, the staircase of the Angelo Poretti event stand at Regent’s Park Taste Festival is decorated with trailing ivy and vibrant floral arrangements in pink, orange, and white by Florist Amaranté London. The floral design beautifully complements the beige stucco structure, enhancing the Mediterranean feel.
Staircase Decoration

The pergola, a focal point of the floral design, was dressed in hanging wisteria, wisteria branches, foliage, and monkey vine. Delicate floral touches trailing the external beams seamlessly fused the exterior and interior into a harmonious, cheerful, and bright location.

Close-up of the bespoke floral arrangements for The Angelo Poretti stand at Regent’s Park Taste Festival Event, showcasing pink hydrangeas, orange roses, and green ivy. The lush, vibrant flowers and foliage create a striking visual impact, expertly designed by event florist Amaranté London.
Staircase Decoration Close-up View

Our attention to detail ensured that every part of the installation was consistent in tone and beauty. For a finishing touch, we adorned a set of swings with minimal faux ivy garlands and small floral accents, maintaining the floral theme while providing a charming spot for festival-goers to enjoy.  

We immensely enjoyed working with Angelo Poretti on this installation, bringing a range of installations to this beautiful event.

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