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No gift shows more love and appreciation than a dozen beautiful fresh roses, but did you know intensive rose-farming is incredibly harmful to the environment? Forever Roses are an equally luxurious option that reduces waste and respects our planet. With its unique commitment to Fairtrade rose farming, Amaranté takes a step further and ensures all its Infinity Roses are ethically sourced and leave the smallest possible carbon footprint.

The real cost of rose farming to our planet

Roses are lovely gifts and make for beautiful home décor accessories. Unfortunately, however, consumers are often unaware of the massive carbon footprint of the rose farming industry.

The environmental impact of artificially-farmed roses is disastrous. Growing roses in a greenhouse requires artificial lighting and an energy-intensive cooling system. Rose transportation, from farm to wholesaler and from wholesaler to retailer, typically by plane or truck, dramatically contributes to the industry’s CO2 emissions.

According to a 2007 study by Cranfield University, 12,000 roses grown in a Dutch hothouse emitted 35,000 kilograms of CO2. The same number of roses only requires 6,000 kilograms of CO2 to farm and transport in natural conditions.

The purchasing of fresh roses fuels a waste production and water consumption cycle that harms the planet. When you buy these fresh cut-flowers, you contribute to sustaining demand for an environmentally-harmful product that rarely stays fresh for more than a week.

Forever Roses from fairtrade farms
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Forever Roses: A long-lasting alternative that helps the environment

At first glance, forever roses, also known as Infinity Roses, may look like nothing more than long-lasting, luxurious flower arrangements. Forever roses are fresh-cut flowers which undergo a preservation process, allowing them to maintain their original look and smell for years, not days. They are then typically arranged in sophisticated packaging such as cardboard or suede hatboxes.

In reality, though, preserved roses are an environmentally-conscious alternative to their fresh-cut counterpart. For this reason, every time you buy Forever Roses, you choose to help the planet.

Less waste, more durable flowers

Preserved roses are real roses that you can enjoy for at least one year. If carefully cared for, however, these flowers can maintain their qualities for even longer. On the other hand, fresh roses often turn into waste in less than a week.

Your contribution to stopping intensive flower farming

By purchasing preserved flowers that last for years, you choose not to sustain demand for fresh-cut roses. By avoiding fresh roses and buying Infinity Roses instead, consumers have the power to radically reduce the industry's environmental impact.

Reduced demand for fresh-cut roses means less need for artificial lighting, energy-intensive temperature control systems, and air or truck transportation. This, in turn, translates into reduced CO2 emissions.

Carbon emissions are not the only issue associated with the fresh flower industry. When you buy preserved roses, you also contribute to reducing water consumption and pollution. Rose farmers often employ chemical fertilisers and huge quantities of water for irrigation. Without proper treatment and discharge, wastewater can easily release toxic chemicals into the environment.

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Forever Roses - environmentally friendly Long Lasting Flowers
Environmentally Friendly Long Lasting Flowers

Amaranté’s commitment: going the extra mile

Forever roses are an eco-friendly alternative to fresh-cut roses because they are real flowers, but they last longer than fresh flowers and they do not need to be replaced for at least a year. Most retailers frequently offer no guarantee about their origin, usually because the roses used in preserved flower arrangements are the result of environmentally-harmful intensive farming.

Amaranté’s Infinity Roses are different, because offering our customers roses that create less damage to  the environment is not enough for us. Our roses are Fairtrade certified and each step of our process, from farming to retail, is carefully designed not just to contain damage, but to actively help the environment.

Fairtrade certified forever roses

We are, to date, the only UK-based company offering Fairtrade certified infinity roses. Fairtrade certified products are created following Fairtrade International’s rigorous economic, social, and environmental guidelines.

Amaranté is one of just 2,400 companies worldwide that have received a Fairtrade certification by a third-party accredited auditor. When you buy our preserved flowers, you are not just purchasing a beautiful flower arrangement. You can be certain that your purchase helps both farm workers, and the environment.

Ecuadorian roses, naturally farmed

Our commitment starts at the source: we choose to harvest our beautiful Forever Roses in Ecuador, not in European hothouses. Thanks to its proximity to the equator, this country offers the ideal warm climate for rose farming, which is why Ecuadorian roses are famous for their exquisite smell, gorgeous look, and large size.

Working with farms in Ecuador allows us to grow roses naturally, without artificial lighting or energy-intensive temperature control systems. According to the Fairtrade Commission, rose harvesting in warmer climates consumes 6.5 times less energy than farming in colder climates, even considering air transport to Europe.

Infinity Roses in a hatbox
Infinity Roses in a box

Fair wage and working conditions

Amaranté fairly compensates farmers for their labour, and our workers are paid premium for every rose they grow. By receiving a just compensation, farmers can grow roses under the highest quality standards, without using harmful chemicals that hurt the environment and our products.

Establishing a long-term partnership with Ecuadorian farmers also ensures that employees operate in a safe and fair work environment. Amaranté’s support for Fairtrade farms in Ecuador contributes to the country's economic and social development. This includes healthcare, education, and welfare sectors. At the same time, it allows us to produce the finest preserved roses.  

Reduced carbon emissions

Most everlasting rose retailers transport their roses by air, the most carbon-intensive form of transport. To make our roses environmental friendly, we preserve them at source, so that they do not require any air-conditioned transport or storage at their destination. We then ship our roses from Ecuador to the UK by sea, a far less carbon-intensive alternative to air transport.

We also source our roses directly from the farm, to avoid shipment from or to any wholesaler. Fewer transactions in our production process ultimately results in lower CO2 emissions.

Plastic-free products

Plastic pollution is equally harmful to humans, animals, and plants. The damage of plastic to the environment is long-lasting, as plastic products require thousands of years to decompose, eventually affecting all organisms in the food chain.

For this reason, we do not use plastic to create our products. Our Forever Roses can be placed in hatboxes made of fully recycled and recyclable cardboard, as well as of sumptuous brushed suede or acrylic.

Zero stock, zero waste

We create our beautiful preserved flower arrangements on a made-to-order basis in the UK. This not only allows us to handcraft the highest-quality products; holding zero inventory is also a conscious, eco-friendly choice that helps us reduce our waste production and energy consumption.

Giving back to our planet

Reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum is not enough, and we strive to give back to the environment by offsetting our CO2 emissions. For this reason, we believe it is imperative to plant more than we harvest to create our everlasting rose arrangements.

Although our footprint is substantially lower than the industry average of 0.50 kilograms per rose, we are committed to planting two trees per order. Each of our trees consumes 21 kilograms of CO2, thus comfortably neutralising the emissions of every order, independently of the arrangement's size.

Our goal? We support global reforestation projects and are determined to plant one million trees by 2025.

A gift that keeps on giving

Luxury should not cost us our Earth, and we believe consumer choices can make the difference. By choosing Amaranté, you support a business that delivers on its promises. Every time you purchase our Forever Roses, you actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water consumption, and ensure rose farmers are adequately compensated for their work. A beautiful gift to you, and to our planet.

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