Understand Your Everlasting Rose Boxes with the Meaning of Each Rose

Understand Your Everlasting Rose Boxes with the Meaning of Each Rose

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Flowers are some of the prettiest things on Earth. They come in all shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, colours!

In the animal kingdom, the colour of a flower is essential. It displays health and fertility and is a beacon to pollinating insects like bees, butterflies and other creepy crawlies. For humans, the association of colours and roses has their own story! So make an elegant box of flowers feel personal by following this quick and easy guide to the perfect Roses.

Here are fourteen delicate blooms offered in rose box ranges and their meanings.

Red Roses

The classic. The old standard. Red roses are always the first thing you think of when you say "romance."

They represent passion, love, and romance. They're the go-to flower for fiendish rogues and sweeping a person off their feet! But dark red has more to say. Its passion is more profound, its love more intense.

For a special rose box, for a significant someone, choose red!

Enchanting Everlasting rose box containing fiery scarlet rose
Red Rose

Classic Red

For a strong expression of love, choose the deep red rose. The colour characterises religious fervour, making it perfect for a wife. It is also a symbol of courage, admiration, and danger.

You can gift it to those who are adventurous, determined, passionate, and ambitious too. The darker shade of red characterises sophistication and acceptance too. It's a shade that encourages, inspires, activates, and stimulates. It's a strong, inviting, and kind shade.

Beautiful everlasting rose box with wine tinted bloom
Wine Rose

Pink Roses

Feminine and elegant. Pink Roses have always been strongly associated with feminism.

They have a cuteness attached to them. Eloquence and grace that no other flower can match.

For the perfect rose for a girlfriend, choose this rose box!

 Gorgeous everlasting rose box with stunning pink rose, ideal for eternal love expressionPink Infinity Rose

Hot Pink Roses

That is a compassionate, kind, and genuine colour. It is the colour of beauty, love, and romance too. Just like the soft pink bloom, this rose also connotes femininity, though the darker shades add a playful accent to it too. The colour nurtures, comfort, and calms too. Some of its many positive implications are warmth and intuition.

Expressive floral in an everlasting rose box
Dark Pink Rose

Mint Green Roses

For a nature-inspired rose, go for the mint green option. It is the perfect way to bring natural elements into your home. The colour connotes revitalisation, energy, health, and luck. It appeases, relaxes, and inspires, too, making it a perfect pick-me-up gift. It's a refreshing, charming, and hopeful colour too.

Revitalising bloom in a stylish everlasting rose box
Mint Green Rose

White Roses

Purity and new life, white is the soul of innocence.

Often worn by brides for their historical connection to rebirth, this colour is perfect for any wedding!

For everlasting love, pick white!

Aromatic blossom in an everlasting rose box
White Rose

Black Roses

Dark, mysterious, and often misunderstood. Black is a seldom-used colour, but this is not a drawback.

Because of its stark, sleek appearance, it tends to stand out as a colour. However, black does go with everything!

Dapper flower in an everlasting rose box
Black Rose

Champagne Roses

Not just a drink! Champagne is the natural party plant here!

Representing charm and thoughtful love, these colours are an elegant way of saying thank you to anyone.

Usually used at weddings, it is the perfect accompaniment to most colours due to its soft shading.

They're the natural companion to any arrangement!

Majestic floral in a dapper everlasting rose box
Champagne Infinity Rose

Peach Roses

The enchanting peach roses are the ultimate choice for the colour of roses that are idyllic for friends and family. Like its namesake fruit, peach is a colour that characterises warmth, happiness, and joy. It is also used to accent a warm summer's sunset. It symbolises acceptance, positivity, and individuality. It evokes welcoming and empowering effects while provoking communication. Many think of this shade as an attractive, kind, social, and trendy colour.

Warm coloured bud in an everlasting rose box
Peach Rose

Yellow Roses

That is the colour for the best of friends!

Yellow represents friendship, luck and an intense spiritual bond.

Do you have a sibling? Then this Is also the right colour for them!

This Easter, celebrate the coming of spring with some yellow roses!

 rose box encompassing warm Rosettes
Bright yellow Forever Rose

Royal Purple Roses

This flower means love at first sight and an intense one at that!

As the colour of royalty, purple has always been a rare sight, the pigment being well sought after over the years.

Purple's softer cousin, lavender, represents enchantment and charm.

Sophisticated purple floret in an everlasting rose box
Purple Rose


Delve into a springtime meadow with these enchanting roses. You won't go wrong with the delicate Lavender roses for the ultimate gift for a mother's day or birthday. Just like the plant, the colour connotes relaxation and tranquillity. Many also believe that this colour calms, stimulates, and supports. It is the perfect shade for those who are tender, warm-hearted, loving, and caring.

Artful flower in a stunning everlasting rose box
Lavender Forever Rose

Light Blue Roses

They are often used to symbolise sorry sadness but also a mystery. Blue flowers are multifaceted.

The lighter the flower, the more positive the meaning. A soft blue flower symbolises uniqueness and individuality. At the same time, deeper blues are for the explorer among us, or perhaps condolence for a loss.

Majestic flower in everlasting rose box
Soft Blue Rose

Royal Blue Roses

Dark blue is known as the colour of luxury. It is most loved and used by royals, thus symbolising wealth and royalty. It also denotes trustworthiness, responsibility, and dependability, making it an excellent option for an older sibling or father. It provokes effects like reassurance, soothing, and calmness. You can also use it as a way of sympathising and caring for others too.

Majestic dark  blue rose in an everlasting rose box
Royal Blue Forever Rose

Infinity Roses, Free of Carbon

Whatever colour you choose, know that you're selecting an environmentally-friendly box.

The carbon-neutral delivery and unique preservation method available will ensure all these roses arrive without harming this beautiful world so, if you have chosen your favourite Rose colour and want to read more about which Rose best suits which event, click here!

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