Why We Farm Ecuadorian Roses?

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Our charming forever roses are formed through a delicate preservation process that we have perfected after years of research, but that’s only half of the story. The other half is in our choice of roses.

Why do we choose Ecuadorian roses?


To achieve the long-lasting smell, high-quality bloom and large size that our Amarante infinity roses are known for, we need to start from a beginning; the rose itself. While our scientific process certainly helps to preserve roses that last a year, we need to start with a high-quality rose as the base of our product. 


This is why we decided to work with Fairtrade farms in Ecuador. Thanks to the country’s location near the equator, it has the ideal climate for our roses to blossom. This helps them grow large while also achieving the highest quality bloom. When combined with our preservation process, this allows us to bring you the best forever roses in the world. 


Our Ecuadorian farmers are also paid a premium for every rose that they produce. This allows them to maintain their quality standards instead of being forced to farm with harmful chemicals that would hurt the environment and the quality of our product. It also helps to ensure they have a comfortable living wage while also ensuring the safety and working conditions of their employees. By backing Fairtrade farms, we’re also supporting the economic and social development of the country, such as investing in healthcare, education and social care

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