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Romantic, illustrious red roses that last for years, not days. What more could you ask for this Valentine's Day? Nothing says "I love you" like a bold, romantic gesture of a dozen red roses that truly speak for themselves. 

Every single rose has been naturally preserved to be loved for many years to come. When looking for a way to prove your everlasting love, gifting a dozen red roses that have been sustained to last is the ideal choice this Valentine's Day. We feature a variety of rose boxes in different sizes and shapes from which to choose (hatboxes or an acrylic jewellery boxes). Or if a beautiful bouquet is more what you're looking for then we have four exquisite fresh bouquets, available in large, medium and small sizes.

Elevate your Valentine's Day with the timeless elegance of our Infinity Roses in Rose Boxes and Fresh Flower Bouquets. Embrace the infinite beauty of everlasting roses, carefully preserved to last a lifetime. Each enchanting box is a symbol of eternal love.

For those who prefer the classic charm of fresh blooms, our handcrafted bouquets are a celebration of nature's fleeting beauty. Radiant hues and exquisite arrangements create a symphony that speaks the language of love.

This Valentine's Day, find the perfect expression of your affection with our diverse selection of Valentine's flowers. Whether it's the everlasting allure of infinity roses or the grace of fresh bouquets, there's something for everyone in our collection. Make this celebration of love truly unforgettable with the gift that transcends time this Valentine's Day.

An enchanting bouquet of fresh Valentine's Day flowers featuring a stunning mix of pink roses, symbolising love and affection. This sophisticated arrangement is a chic and stylish way to express your feelings this lover's day. Free UK delivery on this luxury bouquet.
Crimson Lust Fresh Flower Bouquet features deep reds and rich purples, each flower meticulously selected to create a luxurious tapestry ideal for International Women's Day and Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and other important moments. This luxury floral arrangement is dominated by the romantic allure of velvety red roses, their full blooms symbolising love and respect. Dark red dahlias add a lush, textural contrast with their intricate petals.
Scarlett Desire is a captivating fresh flower bouquet showcasing exquisite arrangements of elegant red roses in vibrant shades, perfectly symbolising love and affection. This sophisticated and refined bouquet exudes timeless elegance and grace, perfectly designed for a stylish and classy Vday gesture. This polished and luxurious bouquet of roses, available with free UK delivery, is the ideal sophisticated representation of your chic affection.
Florist Choice radiates with spring's soft, warm hues, a fitting tribute to celebrate special events and occasions featuring gerbera daisies in shades of pink and creamy yellow, their large, sunny blooms symbolizing cheerfulness and purity. The delicate pink of the daisies is complemented by the subtle blush of tulips, whose petals have a gentle, painterly streak of pink and white. White carnations and chrysanthemums offer a soft delicate look.
Exceptionally luxurious bouquet of bright red roses; each rose carefully selected for its vibrant colour and impressive size. The sheer number of roses creates a stunning visual impact, with the blooms densely arranged to form a perfect sphere. This meticulous design showcases the roses in full glory, emphasizing their lush, velvety petals which are synonymous with passion and love. Bouquet sizes are from 12 to 200 red roses.
Sophisticated super deluxe black rectangular suede rose box, elegantly filled with 140 pink infinity roses, epitome of timeless love. Free UK delivery, 30"x25", luxury rose box customisable with roses in 14 delicate pastel shades.
Elegant super deluxe black 20"x20" square hatbox containing 150 large red forever roses, 2-3 inches wide, available in 14 customisable colours.
Luxurious black suede square hatbox with 100 large infinity roses, perfect for Valentine's Day, with free UK delivery. Each rose meticulously measures 2-3 inches, available in 14 colours
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Mesmerising bouquet of 100 light red infinity roses nestled in a black round rose box with delicate suede finish. Exquisite gift for showing timeless love and affection. FreeUK Delivery.
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70 Exquisite bright red infinity roses elegantly arranged in a stylish black deluxe suede round rose box. Perfect for expressing timeless love and affection to family, friends and loved ones. Available for free UK delivery.
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Exquisite grey suede square 20"x20" hatbox with 150 large red infinity roses, with the option to personalise your roses in other 14 delicate pastel shades, free UK delivery.
Extra large grey square suede hatbox with 100 red infinity roses for a luxurious statement of love, with free UK delivery. Elegantly crafted, 16"x16" rose box, infinity roses a choice of 14 delicate pastel colours.
Mesmerising bouquet of 100 light red infinity roses nestled in a grey round rose box with delicate suede finish. Exquisite gift for showing timeless love and affection. FreeUK Delivery.
Elegant light red Infinity Roses artistically arranged in a trendy round grey suede rose box. This mesmerising, luxurious gift can be delivered for free in the UK, perfect for showing timeless love and affection to family, friends, or your significant other.
36 Bright red infinity roses elegantly placed in an extra large black suede hatbox. Free UK Delivery.
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Majestic red Roses in a dapper grey extra large box.
Divine red roses in a blushing pink suede extra large box
Aromatic red roses bursting with fiery shades in a blushing pink box
Divine red roses embedded in a fiery red box in extra large and square size
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Magical red Roses denoting romance and love
Stunning red Roses in a luxurious blue box.
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Divine red Roses in a modish black round extra large box.
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Magical red Roses photographed in a dapper black box
Divine Red Roses displayed in a dapper grey box
Divine red Roses in a dapper grey box, bursting with fiery colours
Divine red Roses shown in a magical pink suede box
Divine red Roses in a stunning pink suede box
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Divine Red Roses in an eye catching red circular box in extra large size.
Elegant red Roses shown in a sophisticated extra large blue round box.
Enchanting red Roses in an elegant dark blue box
Dreamy red Roses displayed in a  luxurious blue box
Majestic red Roses displayed in a dapper black large round hatbox