How to Choose the Right Valentine's Day Roses for a Magical Celebration

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Who doesn't love Valentine's Day Flowers? And what better way is there to celebrate this day than with fragrant red roses. Forever roses are the perfect balance between luxury and elegance and make this important day even more memorable.

Whether you plan on a romantic Valentine's date with your loved one or want to surprise someone with a Valentine's Day Flowers, maybe a dozen red roses could be the perfect gift for your Valentine. Surprise your loved one with a long-distance present.

Infinity roses in a rose box
Blue Infinity Roses in Grey hatbox

A guide from a professional florist is created to help ensure you choose the right rose arrangement to celebrate the Season of Love. In this article, you'll find out how to use the secret language of colours to surprise your special someone with Valentine's Day FLowers.

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Valentine's Day Flowers

Red is well known to be the colour of love and passion and the most popular colour on Valentine's Day. So receiving adozen red roses is guaranteed to make your loved one feel like the most special person in your life.

But these roses are not the only option when it comes to expressing your feelings for your partner on this special day. Rose colours have distinctive meanings and can convey a fantastic array of messages.

Eternal Red Roses

Almost everywhere globally, classic red blooms represent the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Words can't compare to the deep feelings; even a single red forever rose has the power to express. The colour red is a great option to convey and celebrate the strong bond between you and your lover. Nothing says I genuinely love you like a beautiful red floral arrangement.

Wine Infinity Roses

White forever roses on a modern glass table
White Forever Roses in a black hatbox

Less traditional than red roses, this wine shade symbolises elegance and unconscious beauty. Suppose you are looking for a different option than scarlet roses. In that case, deep red rosettes profess your commitment to a long-lasting relationship perfectly. This burgundy shade is captivating and enigmatic, making deep red flowers the perfect choice to declare your unconditional love and devotion.

White Eternal Roses

White roses have always been synonymous with purity and virtue. In Western culture, these flowers are generally associated with marriage. Therefore, the white rose is often referred to as the "bridal rose".

The colour white is also associated with new beginnings. Suppose you want to celebrate a newly-born love on Valentine's Day. In that case, a beautiful arrangement of white roses will seal this unique moment with your lover.

Pink Forever Roses

Aromatic Valentine's day roses in a stunning small white box
Pink Roses

Pink has become an increasingly popular colour for Valentine's Day Flowers. Light pink roses are associated with softness, admiration, and happiness. These delicate blooms are great if you want to express your joy and appreciation for your beloved one.

Picking the Right Number of Forever Roses

After choosing the right colour for your roses, you should carefully consider the number of preserved roses you intend to give. The number of roses in your arrangement can help you voice your innermost feelings.

When giving roses as a gift, you should know that their symbolism will communicate your personality and character. Forever rose arrangements come in various shapes, colours, and sizes. Each size includes a different number of roses and will assume a different meaning.

Divine Valentine's day roses embedded in a blushing beige box
Red Roses - The Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers

The Symbolism Behind the Number

The classic dozen red rosees embody a clear statement of true and eternal love. A medium round arrangement of eco-sustainable forever roses makes your beloved one feel at the centre of your attention. In a round or square rose box, these flowers make a statement to the most crucial person in your life.

If you opt for a larger composition, twenty stunning roses show that your feelings are heartfelt. Likewise, the extra-large hatbox with thirty-six eco roses is proof to your partner that you are head over heels in love with them.

Eternal Roses: An Everlasting Expression of Love

This year, choose to create long-lasting memories by gifting your significant another one with a forever rose arrangement on Valentine's Day. Your loved one will be able to enjoy the beauty of the preserved roses and re-live their emotions from this special celebration for up to three years.

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