Learn The Meaning of Colours Before Choosing Valentine's Day Roses

Learn The Meaning of Colours Before Choosing Valentine's Day Roses

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Every colour has the potential to be romantic. Unsurprisingly, red is the most associated with love, passion, and desire. So sending the one you love a classic box of red roses may seem like the obvious option, but what if you're seeking something less traditional but equally romantic this year?

Roses are recognised to be the most romantic flower, making them ideal for telling someone you love and care about them in the form of a beautiful gift. But when it comes to choosing the colour, there is far more choice than you might think. Let's explore the true meaning of rose colours and the different ones you can decide to gift this Valentine's Day.

Red Roses in three square black rose boxes with a matte finish.
Red Forever Roses

Light Red Roses

A Light red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and passion. Words can't compare to the deeper feelings portrayed through roses, whether you gift a single rose or a richer rose box.

Light red is subtle and elegant. It celebrates the strong bond between you and your Valentine. There is no better colour than red to say I love you.

Light red roses in a blushing beige rose box with matte finish
Light Red Roses

Classic Red Roses

Less traditional than light red, these classic red roses are elegant for a deeper and more intimate look. These deep crimson classic red roses are here as a gift to profess your commitment to a long-lasting relationship perfectly. This classic red is captivating and enigmatic, making roses of this darker shade the preferred choice to declare your endless unconditional love and devotion.

20 large red infinity roses in a round rose box with a fine suede finish.
Classic Red Infinity Roses

White Roses

White roses have always been synonymous with purity and virtue. In Western culture, we generally associate these flowers with marriage. Therefore, we often refer to white roses as "bridal roses". As you may anticipate, white roses are popular for Valentine's Day. White is also associated with new beginnings. Celebrate new love with a rose box of white roses.

Large black luxury rose box with a matte finish containing 36 large white roses
White Roses

Pink Roses

Pink roses have become increasingly popular. Light pink roses typically portray the meaning of softness, admiration, and happiness. These delicate flowers are great for expressing joy and appreciation for someone important in your life.

Small square white rose box with 4 large pink roses
Pink Roses

Infinity Roses To Express Everlasting Love On Valentine's Day

This year, gift your loved infinity roses that will create long-lasting memories and last far beyond the life of fresh flowers. Your loved one will enjoy the beauty of these naturally preserved roses for years to come.

infinity roses - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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