The Meaning of The Number of Roses

The Meaning of The Number of Roses

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With Valentine's Day approaching, flowers are sure to be hot on your mind. You've already settled on choosing a luscious, romantic red as the perfect rose colour you know your loved one will adore. But there's only one problem; you don't know how many roses to gift them. Don't worry; we're here to guide you every step of the way.

The ideal number of roses to fit your relationship

A Single Rose by Any Other Name

For some people, a single rose is more than enough. A single rose is a perfect choice for new relationships or those who value the idea that less is more.

A single rose signals to your partner, or soon-to-be partner, that you're interested in what your future together looks like—they're not just here for a while; they're here to stay. A single rose can show a level of trust and intimacy that doesn't overwhelm the person yet allows them to know just how much you love and care about them. A single infinity rose in an acrylic box is also a popular favourite to accompany an engagement ring, whether you choose to pop the question on the most romantic day of the year or on a day that's special just for you.

Large single red rose in a transparent acrylic jewellery box.
Single Red Rose in Acrylic Jewellery Box

Four Roses – Love on Wheels!

Like travelling by car, four roses signal there will be bumps: Love is a rocky ride, with the good moments cherished above all else. This Valentine's Day, gift this rose box to remind your partner, best friend, or even close family that your love is strong enough to survive every bumpy road. You stand together, ready for whatever hardships or fortune may befall you ahead.

Four pink forever roses presented in a white square rose box with matte finish
4 Pink Infinity Roses in white Rose Box with Matte Finish

A Mighty Nine Roses to Last Forever

Nine is a significant number in maths. Some see it to represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of something new. It pops up in religion and also in nature. Many flower patterns naturally have 8-9 divisions. There's a fascinating asymmetry with the number 9. When divided, it just feels right, as if it represents two different whole numbers that deserve to be together. In very much the same way, a gift of 9 Valentine's roses is an excellent physical representation of a long-lasting love that feels right.

And we're not just talking about romantic love. The unconditional love between friends and family can be equally strong, if not stronger, than the love you cherish with your partner. Nine roses in a rose box are a gentle reminder that you adore this person in your life and cannot live without them.

Square box of Valentine's flowers
9 Red Roses in Black Square Box with Matte Finish

12 Roses: The Treasure of a Dozen

Many believe that there is a perfect number for anything. When it comes to roses, it seems this number is 12. "A dozen red roses" and "a baker's dozen" are just two of the well-known phrases derived from the love for this number and the implication that 12 of anything is the perfect amount. The gift of a 12 roses is a simple way to tell someone they're loved and treasured. 12 is the number to ask a person to be yours forever and is often a romantic ideal.

Red roses arranged in three black hatboxes: small square containing four roses, medium square containing nine roses and large round containing twelve roses
An Assortment of Rose Boxes featuring Red Roses

22 Bold and Beautiful Forever Roses

For those long-term lovers who have seen countless Valentines pass them by, finding the right number of roses to give can be especially tricky. What about 22 roses?

Boasting dedication and long-term intimacy, 22 roses convey a meaning of a deep attachment and several happy years of being together. What could be better to symbolise that this is just one of many more wonderful Valentine's days you will share?

If you think it's time to gift bigger, the gift of a rose box of 30 roses is also ideal. Thirty roses Represent faithfulness and adoration and are an especially desired choice when an important anniversary is coming up. With Valentine's Day being early in the year, it's become the perfect occasion to start those anniversary celebrations early.

30 pink roses in a black round suede hatbox
30 Light Pink Forever Roses in round Hatbox

To 100 Roses and Beyond!

Imagine the look on your partner's face when they receive 100 roses that they can cherish for years. While nice as a concept, have you ever considered the meaning of 100 roses? Is it merely a way of showing affection, or is there more to it than that?

As you can likely guess, 100 roses represent absolute devotion. It says everything all the previous floral arrangements could say and more. One hundred roses are like a physical poem: they sing their sweet symphony of adoration. There's no denying that gifting 100 roses is an incredibly romantic gesture, whether you're celebrating your first 10th or maybe even 50th Valentine's day together.

100 red roses presented in an extra large blue suede rose box
100 Red Roses in a Blue Super Deluxe Rose Box

Roses Are The Romantic Gift of a Lifetime

There's a reason why we favour roses every Valentine's day without fail. But like many beautiful things, flowers can come with their problems. Roses, if cut fresh, will not last long, no matter how well you care for them.

Amaranté forever flowers avoid this devastation using our innovative preservation process. These are specially designed flowers made to last years, not days. We produce them with ecology in mind and prevention of further harming the Earth.

Valentine's Day is all about gifting your love with something meaningful, and what could be better than gifting roses that will last for a very long time - you can count on that.

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