Why Forever Roses are a gift like no other

Why Forever Roses are a gift like no other

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Everlasting Roses as Gifts are a new and sustainable way to reach out to someone on a special occasion. Roses have always been the very heart of romance, right from their humble origins in ancient gardens to the heights of Victorian London. As a result, roses have become a staple of the world's imagination.

But why choose the everlasting rose when there are so many flowers you can choose? Read on and learn the five reasons why you should gift everlasting roses instead of fresh flowers.

Infinity Roses and their Everlasting Luxury

Forever roses remain a unique gift that will last for years, not days. The preservation process guarantees a gorgeous look and fresh fragrance for at least one year and as long as three years if kept out of direct sunlight and away from air-conditioning outlets.

The preservation process uses natural wax to replace the raw sap of the rose. As a result, these roses do not require watering or pruning.

It become clear how these everlasting roses become a far more memorable gift, lasting longer than the fresh-cut alternative. Fresh flowers are an outstanding presentation but need maintenance and watering, however they rarely stay fresh for more than a week: You know they will become waste in a matter of days.

Luxury Rose Boxes that will delight anyone

These rose boxes are made in the UK and packaged in handcrafted boxes for the ultimate unpacking experience.

A large square rose box with red roses along side a smaller one containing white roses on a coffe table in a living room.
A Large and Small Rose Box of Eco-Friendly Roses

Environmentally Friendly Roses as a Gift For a Special Occasion

No matter the occasion, everyone loves flowers! Everlasting roses as gifts are an elegant and eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. There has never been a situation that was not improved by adding flowers.

A rose box of forever flowers perks up everyone's day. It activates a rush of dopamine that tells the body to rejoice! Not only do these roses make a person happy, but they come in a special recyclable box too! The luxury suede rose box is the perfect gift to give and receive on special occasions. Filled with fragrant forever roses, there's no better present to brighten up the day of a loved one, family member or close friend.

Whether it's surprising a partner on Valentine's Day or for a Wedding Anniversary, the elegance of these Everlasting Roses is a fantastic bonus!

Roses Speak from the Heart

Actions speak louder than words. But, unfortunately, roses are more emotional than actions.

Rose can symbolise love, affection, admiration, sympathy, and gratitude. There is a wide range in colour of forever roses from which to choose for any meaning.

Be it a special surprise or a happy note, these aromatic and elegant everlasting flowers are the way to go.

Single red rose in acrylic jewellery box
Single everlasting rose in jewellery box

Luxury Gifts Needn’t Cost a fortune

Eco-Friendly Roses are a beautiful gift that doesn't deserve massive paywalls. These Everlasting Roses in elegant rose boxes are the ideal gift that will encompass the perfect balance between high street luxury and pleasant affordability.

Fresh and easy to manage, the roses provided can survive up to a year without wilting and even more with proper care.

These flowers are the best investment anyone can make for premium floral arrangements.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

These forever roses are a luxury gift for someone special. But there's more. Every sale of one of these forever flowers helps protect the environment. If you're interested in knowing more, read our sustainability policy.


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