9 Luxury Eternal Rose Arrangements and Centrepieces for your Home or Office

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Infinity Roses are excellent home décor accessories. They brighten up any room, be it in your home or the office at work. Thanks to their incredible fresh smell and gorgeous, long-lasting look, infinity roses offer a sense of luxury and comfort. Amaranté offers a rich selection of Fairtrade preserved roses, available in various colours and sizes. Our packaging is handcrafted and made from the highest quality material to provide you with the most luxurious interior styling experience.

Forever Roses in a rose box, blue roses in an extra large with luxurious grey suede finish.
Blue Forever Roses in luxurious suede rose box

Why are eternal roses perfect for decorating your living space?

Forever roses are real, Ecuadorian roses that undergo a scientific preservation process. After growing our roses in Ecuador following Fairtrade social and environmental standards, we replace their natural sap with a non-toxic wax-based substance. Eternal roses will maintain their fresh smell and original look for at least one year.

However, if carefully cared for, Amaranté's forever roses can brighten your living or workspace for up to three years. If you like purchasing fresh flowers to decorate your work space and living areas, you will love eternal roses by Amaranté London. They offer you the same luxurious experience while lasting much longer.

You can choose to style your roses into beautifully handcrafted recycled cardboard or suede hatboxes or opt for one of our acrylic jewellery boxes. Are you looking for some styling inspiration? In this article you will find a selection of our most beautiful long-lasting arrangements.

1. The Classic

Our dozen red roses styled in round hatboxes are perfect for those looking for a timeless, elegant arrangement. With its discrete luxury, these handcrafted boxes let your roses be in the spotlight and quickly adapt to any environment. Try styling this arrangement as a centrepiece or as an accent on your coffee table. We guarantee that our Ecuadorian Fairtrade roses will display their lovely features for at least one year and make the most adoring Valentine's Day gift.

2. The Monochrome Look

Amaranté's eternal roses are available in many colours to choose from. Similarly, our sumptuous brushed suede hatboxes are available in beige, pink, black, red, blue, and grey. You can create a monochromatic look by customising your arrangement, matching your rose and box colour. A monochromatic arrangement is ideal as an eye-catching feature, mainly if your home or office design already includes an accent colour.

3. The Crisp White

An all-white arrangement is the perfect décor accent to make any space feel clean and breezy. Pair a black handmade box of any size with our stunning white eternal roses to create the most delicate look.

Pro tip: an all-white arrangement makes the perfect wedding present.

White Classic Eternity Roses in box - 100% recycled paper and cardboard
White Eternity Roses in square rose boxes
Amaranté London White Forever Roses frontal view
Assorted boxes of forever roses on a coffe table
Large and extra-large boxes of forever roses

4. The Single-rose

Single-rose boxes are ideal if you are looking for a small floral accent to blend with your home decoration accessories. Style our single eternal roses as accent pieces on a shelf, desk, or coffee table. For the best look, you can select the rose colour the best complements your space. We package single roses in round white or black square boxes. Sole-rose square acrylic boxes are also available in clear, black, and white.

5. Roses in Jewellery Boxes

At Amaranté, you can shop luxurious eternal roses in your favourite colour, arranged in versatile acrylic jewellery boxes. These crystal clear gift boxes look stunning on any dresser or vanity. They are available in a single-rose, small, and medium-size.

6. The Rainbow Rose Arrangement

Amaranté London styles rainbow roses in various hatbox configurations. We design them to attract the most attention and praise. You can choose between a bright rainbow and a delicate pastel rainbow shade. Rainbow forever roses are undoubtedly a statement and look their best when styled on their own as centrepieces.

7. The Pastel Shades

Eternal roses in delicate shades in a variety of colours are an established fashion trend and have become incredibly popular in trendy homes too. These muted shades are perfect for adding a touch of colour to any room or environment without overdoing it. Amaranté brings to you stunning Ecuadorian roses dyed in the trendiest pastel shades. Our selection includes roses in light lavender, light blue, pink, peach, mint green, and pastel rainbow. Try pairing our pastel eternal roses with our white round or square rose boxes to achieve the most elegant look.

8. The Extra-Large

Amaranté's extra-large eternal rose arrangements are the ultimate statement piece. Each extra-large cardboard box and suede hatbox includes thirty to thirty-eight large roses, available in a variety of stunning colours. You can customise your hatbox by choosing between handcrafted cardboard or elegant brushed suede. All hatboxes are available in a round or square shape.

9. The Sustainable Choice

At Amaranté, we think luxury should have a conscience. For this reason, every time you purchase one of our Fairtrade rose arrangements, in any colour or size, you help protect the environment.

Eternal roses composition in elegant suede hatbox
A composition of yellow eternal roses on a table

We are committed to minimising our products' environmental impact. We work with Ecuadorian farms, where we can grow our flowers naturally. We also do not use any carbon-intensive lighting, cooling systems, or air transport. We also plant more than we pick to neutralise our roses' carbon emissions. Amaranté compensates farmworkers fairly for their labour. A fair compensation to farmworkers helps ensure all roses are grown without harsh chemicals in safe work conditions. Long-lasting partnerships with Ecuadorian farmers support the country's economic and social development, including in the healthcare, education, and welfare sectors.

Finally, by purchasing our eternal roses, you contribute to containing the environmental impact of the fresh flower industry. In fact, greenhouse-grown roses dramatically impact global warming while turning into waste in less than two weeks. Our gorgeous Fairtrade roses are an eco-friendly, luxurious option that will brighten your office or living space while helping our planet.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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