Looking after Forever Roses: tips on how to preserve their timeless look

Looking after Forever Roses: tips on how to preserve their timeless look

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5 tips on how to care for your Forever Roses

Adding your personal touch is the secret to designing the perfect living or workspace. Forever Rose arrangements are luxurious accessories that never fail to brighten up your office or home with their timeless and fresh look.

Thanks to our scientific preservation process, Amaranté forever roses remain fresh for at least one year. Unlike fresh-cut roses, Amaranté preserved roses do not require significant maintenance: in particular they do not need watering or pruning. By reading this article, you will learn about best practices to ensure your infinity rose arrangement maintains its' gorgeous look for years.

How do Forever Roses stay fresh for one year?

The Eternity Roses Produced by Amaranté London are more than just a unique home décor accessory. Forever roses represent a responsible choice to protect our planet. By offering our Fairtrade-certified Forever Roses, Amaranté strives to reduce environmental impact.

We are also committed to offering you the most extensive and highest-quality blooms. Our commitment to quality is why we decided to farm roses in Ecuador, a country well-known for its gorgeous, large roses. Here, we work with local farms and ensure farmworkers receive a premium for every rose they produce.

Infinity roses are real fresh flowers that are guaranteed to keep their original texture, wonderful smell, and rich colour for one year. After carefully handpicking, we preserve the roses with our scientific method by replacing their natural sap with an organic wax-based substance.

Although they barely need any maintenance, these simple recommendations will help you ensure your Infinity Roses retain their features for up to three years.

Create the best environment for your Forever Roses

Forever Roses in a Hatbox -  Amaranté London
Amaranté London Infinty Roses in Black Hatbox

Outdoor weather conditions may compromise your Forever Roses. What you also need to know is that our eternity roses do undergo a preservation process, however sudden changes in temperature and exposure to harsh fragrances can damage them. For this reason, it is best to keep your preserved rose arrangement indoors at room temperature.

  • Avoiding placing your preserved flowers near AC vents or fans ensures your roses retain their striking look. We suggest you display your roses in the safest space in your living or workspace to help them last longer.
  • Avoid direct and prolonged exposure to light, especially sunlight.

Amaranté London Eternal Roses are real flowers

Although they are preserved, these flowers are just as delicate fas fresh-cut roses. In fact, they fear prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or artificial light.

Directly exposing these preserved roses to sunlight could cause their colour to change or fade. Moreover, sunlight and harsh artificial light can potentially dehydrate your flowers and cause significant stress to rose petals. For this reason, we highly recommend you keep your rose arrangements away from any direct source of light.

Vibrant Red Forever Roses in large  Beige Hatbox
Large Beige Hatbox with Red Eternity Roses

Avoid contact with water and other substances

Eternal Roses always look and feel fresh, but they do not require watering. It would be best if you did not place them in water, their fresh-cut counterpart. Water can damage preserved flowers by altering their features and compromising their long-lasting look.

As they require no watering to last longer, Amaranté forever roses are also an environmentally conscious alternative to fresh-cut flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, you will not need to place your preserved roses in water or replace their water daily. For this reason, every time you purchase Amaranté products in place of fresh-cut roses, you actively help our planet by reducing water waste.

Gently dust your roses from time to time

Natural preserved roses can maintain their features for much longer than one year. As your flowers decorate with style your office or living space, some dust may inevitably deposit on the surface of their petals and packaging. If any dust deposits on your arrangement, you may need to clean the flowers with a light dusting tool - pay attention and be very gentle.

Please do not wipe or spray the flowers with chemicals

Doing so may ruin your roses' delicate and beautiful petals. Our roses barely need any maintenance, and dusting them will be enough to maintain their rich original colour. Keep your Eternal Roses in their hatbox as they are secure and happy there. Forever Roses in a hatbox are our signature floral arrangement. Amaranté prepares superb rose arrangements to order using handmade classic cardboard hatboxes, suede hatboxes, and acrylic boxes specifically designed to protect your roses.

Once you place your order, our team will carefully arrange your roses into your favourite box to guarantee that they safely reach their destination. To ensure that your Forever Roses preserve their qualities, you mustn't remove them from their original box.

Because Amaranté flowers do not require extra care, such as pruning, we recommend that you refrain from touching your forever roses. In fact, repeatedly touching your flowers can harm preserved flower petals.

Forever Roses are delicate!

Just as it would happen to fresh flowers, If pressed or folded, petals can lose their beautiful shape or even break. Additionally, the natural oils in our hands can negatively affect the original characteristics of your preserved flowers.

White Preserved Roses in Black Suede Hatbox
White Forever Roses in Black Suede Hatbox
White Preserved Roses in royal blue suede hatbox
Royal blue suede hatbox
White Preserved Roses in grey suede hatbox
Grey suede Hatbox of infinity roses

At Amaranté London we design arrangements to delight the eyes, so it is best not to touch your roses unless necessary. By leaving your Infinity Roses in their original hatbox, you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time (for as long as three years).

Forever Roses: your everlasting unforgettable memories

Forever Roses are perfect gifts and fabulous home décor accessories that stay fresh and beautiful with little to no effort on your end. If properly looked after following our tips, our long-lasting flowers will maintain their exquisite features and decorate your home for up to three years. There is more value to Amaranté roses than their gorgeous everlasting look. When you decide to purchase our preserved rose arrangements, you actively choose to help the environment.

The Infinity Roses produced by Amaranté London are a combination of luxury and sustainability. In fact, our customers can rest assured that all our roses are sourced through ethical farming practices while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. We also create our beautiful arrangements on a made-to-order basis in the United Kingdom. At Amaranté London, we keep our waste and energy consumption to an absolute minimum. We hold zero inventory, and this allows us to handcraft the highest quality products—an eco-friendly approach for a top-quality product.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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