Eternal roses, the everlasting flower of love

Amaranté London Eternal Roses in a hatbox
Pure White Eternal Roses in a hatbox - Amaranté London

With no other flower representing a more comprehensive range of meanings and messages, roses are among the most versatile gifts. They have been a symbol of love, affection, and devotion throughout history and are often considered the quintessential flower of love. Even more so eternal roses (also known as infinity roses).

Preserved roses can also represent intimacy and secrecy, ultimately symbolizing an unbreakable bond between lovers. At the same time, in the esoteric world, roses are thought to restore and invite balance and harmony into someone's life and home.

Keep reading to discover more about all the ways Amaranté's infinity roses can help you communicate your everlasting emotions to your family and friends. The hidden meaning and symbolism of infinity roses With their unique ability to remind of your feelings for years, not days, Amaranté's preserved roses in a hatbox are a unique, special gift.

Eternal Roses in Hatbox
hatbox of preserved roses on a window sill
Detail of hatbox of preserved roses by Amaranté London
Suede London Grey coloured hatbox

Available in a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and colours, our roses are not only an essential décor accessory that instantly brightens any home or office space. By purchasing one of our customizable arrangements, you send a gift with a special message to anyone in the world. The Rose of Lovers In Roman mythology, the red rose was the sacred flower of Venus, the Goddess of love, and the symbol of her love for Adonis. Today, the Rose of Lovers is still the most unmistakable expression of romanticism. It communicates deep and passionate love for someone special and the intention to seal an everlasting union.

Roses in cultures around the world

Many cultures have used the rose around the world as a gift or ornament for various occasions. While Valentine's Day is undoubtedly the most popular time to give and receive flowers, roses are widely used as decorations during wedding ceremonies and in bridal bouquets.

For this reason, they have traditionally also symbolized marriage and are often interpreted as a sign of love and fidelity. Because of their connection to weddings, roses are considered the perfect anniversary gift.

Our classic red infinity roses styled in handcrafted hatboxes are perfect for those looking for a timeless way to declare their feelings. With their timeless elegance, our arrangements will easily delight and show your emotions to your special someone.

Eternal Roses can Carry Secrets

In addition, roses are associated with secrecy and confidentiality. The Latin phrase sub rosa, or under the rose, comes from Ancient Romans hanging roses above meeting tables. At that time, it was understood that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy. From that moment, roses have been known to be a symbolic carrier of secrets or tacit understanding. Today luxurious infinity roses in a hatbox can refresh personal memories you have to share.

Amaranté infinity roses are guaranteed to maintain their fantastic colour and fresh look for one year and are the best way to lock a moment in time and keep the secret of your intimate, unforgettable memories forever.

The Esoteric Balance

As the queen of all flowers, the rose has been attributed countless meanings through the centuries. It comes as no surprise that these flowers came to play a significant role even in Tarot card readings. In fact, from a mystical perspective, roses are considered a symbol of harmony and balance.

Here the elegance, sensuality, and glory of these luxurious flowers are considered symbols of purity, order, and transparency of intent. The beauty of roses can contrast with their thorns, which represent defence, physicality, and carelessness.

With their magnificent look, our eternal roses in a hatbox are perfect décor accessories that express comfort and harmony while adding balance to your home or add a touch of elegance to your office space.

White eternal roses in a hatbox (black cardboard)
White eternal roses in elegant square black hatbox
White eternal roses in black square hatbox (lateral view)
(side view of roses hatbox)

The Meaning of the number of roses in a bouquet

Roses can instantly surprise and warm the hearts of those who receive them. Giving Amaranté eternal roses as a gift allows you to convey a unique message to your special someone by customizing your arrangement's size and colour.

A single eternal rose expresses love at first sight, ensuring that whoever receives this luxurious gift feels loved and special. Two roses show affection and the promise of a life together. Four roses declare that nothing will interfere with the couple's strong bond, while nine roses represent the desire to remain forever linked to one's partner.

The classic dozen red roses embody a clear statement of true and eternal love. Your loved one will certainly feel like the most important person in your life and will not doubt your intention to make your bond last forever.
Yellow preserved roses in Hatbox
yellow preserved roses in hatbox
Amaranté offers you a vast choice of eternal roses made-to-order in different arrangements and countless colours and box combinations. We package our flowers using classic handmade hatboxes, suede hatboxes, and acrylic jewellery boxes to offer you a gift like no other. Unique roses that make the difference Roses are the quintessential symbol of devotion, admiration and love. Over the centuries, roses have been and still are the most valued and elegant-looking flowers to own and to give.

Eternal Roses are love and mysticism, affection and secrecy

With their ability to convey all sorts of meanings, from love and affection to secrecy and mysticism, our infinity roses are the perfect flowers to surprise friends or family with a unique, everlasting, gift. Our stunning hand-made compositions are real fresh roses that are preserved to last for 365 days. By gifting one of our beautiful everlasting arrangements, you can remind your friends, family, and loved ones of your feelings. To honour these flowers' unique beauty, Amaranté creates luxurious hand-made arrangements using Fairtrade-farmed Ecuadorian roses. To us at Amaranté roses represent more than just a thoughtful gift. They symbolize our commitment to respecting the environment and caring for the welfare of rose farmers and their families. By purchasing our beautiful infinity roses, you choose a gift that keeps on giving while supporting a business that delivers on its promises.
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