Eternal Roses, the Everlasting Flower of Love

Eternal Roses, the Everlasting Flower of Love

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No other flower in history is more comprehensive in meanings and messages than roses.

They are among the most versatile gifts. A symbol of love, affection, and devotion. Often considered the quintessential flower of love. The forever enchanted rose is a cornerstone of romance. It evokes emotion and meaning floral arrangement.

Spiritually, roses restore and invite balance and harmony into someone's life and home.

The hidden meaning and symbolism of roses have long been studied. Their unique ability to remind you of your feelings for years, not days.

These personalised rose boxes come with a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and colours.

For a forever enchanted rose, look no further.

Roses In Cultures Around The World

Many cultures have used the rose around the world as a gift or ornament for various occasions.

In Roman mythology, the red rose was the sacred flower of Venus, the Goddess of love. They represent the symbol of her love for Adonis. Today, the Rose of Lovers is still the most unmistakable expression of romanticism. Communicating deep and passionate love for someone special. They represent the intention to seal an everlasting union.

Thus, roses also symbolise marriage and are often interpreted as a sign of love and fidelity. Because of their connection to weddings, roses are the perfect anniversary gift.

Acrylic boxes of forever rose selections
Single Forever Rose

Eternal Roses Can Carry Secrets

Roses also convey deeper secrets. The Latin phrase sub rosa, or under the rose, comes from Ancient Romans hanging roses above meeting tables. Romans believed that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy. So, roses have become a symbolic carrier of secrets or tacit understanding.

Why not create some secret personalised rose boxes? Pick out from any of the wide range of forever rose colours and a multitude of round and square hatboxes in several colours of suede. Create the perfect forever enchanted rose selections for any dream event.

Roses from Aramante
Everlasting Roses

The Esoteric Balance

As the queen of all flowers, the rose's meanings changes throughout the centuries. It comes as no surprise that these flowers came to play a significant role even in Tarot card readings. In fact, from a mystical perspective, roses are a symbol of harmony and balance.

The Forever Rose in a hatbox is the perfect décor to express this mysticism. Add some balance to any space with these gorgeous flowers.

Mysticism surrounds the rose
The 5 of Roses card represents love, both fortune and failure

The Meaning Of The Number Of Roses In A Bouquet

The number of roses is an important distinction to their meaning.

A single eternal rose expresses love at first sight. It ensures that whoever receives this luxurious gift feels loved and special.

Two roses show affection and the promise of a life together.

Four roses declare that nothing will interfere with the couple's strong bond.

Nine roses represent the desire to remain forever linked to one's partner.

The classic dozen red roses embody a clear statement of true and eternal love.

No matter the number, personalise your selection with a wide variety of Forever roses.

Infinity roses displayed brightly
Big and Small Roses

Eternal Roses for a Better World for all

These forever enchanted rose bouquets are the best way to surprise friends or family. A unique, everlasting, gift that remains fresh up to a year after sale.

Our special preservation technique ensures easy maintenance. This makes these flowers are highly sustainable.

Fairtrade-farmed Ecuadorian roses, ensure a better world for all involved. roses bring the world to a better way of trading these glorious flowers.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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