Timeless beauty: myths and legends about roses throughout the centuries

Timeless beauty: myths and legends about roses throughout the centuries

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We honour these flowers' rich history by producing the highest quality natural Eternal roses and making your memories last for years, not days. In this article, we review some common beliefs about roses.

Since ancient times, roses have been some of the most popular and appreciated flowers. Fossil evidence suggests that the rose firstly appeared on Earth over 35 million years ago. It does not come as a surprise, then, that we can find evidence of their presence in a multitude of common myths from all over the planet.

In this article, you'll discover more about the history of this timeless flower. Keep reading to find out how the rose has inspired the most ancient literary creations and has become the most popular flower in modern times.

Western Mythology

Roses frequently appear in Roman and Greek mythology. Thanks to these valuable testimonies, we can understand how these flowers came to be associated with beauty and feelings of love and passion.

Flora: The Queen of Flowers

The rose first appeared In Roman Mythology in Flora's tale, the goddess of flowers and springtime. As the legend narrates, Flora was once walking in the countryside when she found her dearest nymph's lifeless body.

The Goddess Flora, saddened by the poor creature's fate, then asked the other gods to transform her beloved nymph into a flawless pink rose. Venus would add beauty, while Bacchus provided the rose with an inebriating scent. Finally, Mars, the god of war, gave the flower thorns to protect its beauty.

Since then, the rose has been a symbol of pure beauty, rebirth and splendour. Amaranté offers you the most precious forever roses in different sizes and arrangements. Our roses in a hatbox or jewellery box are a timeless sign of affection and appreciation.

The Birth of Aphrodite

According to the Greek poet Anacreon, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, is central to rose mythology. As the legend goes, Uranus, the father of the sky, was despised by his son, Chronos.

One night, Chronos decided to kill his father by severing parts of his body. As his father's remains fell into the sea, a great white foam started to grow, from which Aphrodite arose. As her feet touched the Earth, bushes of white roses appeared as symbols of purity and innocence.

For this reason, in Western culture, white roses are associated with marriage and new beginnings. Our crisp white infinity rose arrangements are the perfect gifts to give at weddings and other ceremonial occasions like christenings.

Aphrodite and Adonis

Red eternal roses in a hatbox, large size
Red Eternal Roses in a Hatbox

Aphrodite had a defining role in making the red rose as popular as it is today. According to the Latin poet Ovid, the goddess fell deeply in love with Adonis.

One day, while hunting, her lover was critically wounded by a wild boar and later died in the goddess's arms. Red roses are thought to have originated from the goddess's tears of love and desperation for the loss of her forever love.

Cupid and Psyche

As recounted in Apuleius's Metamorphoses, Psyche was the youngest and most beautiful of three daughters. The goddess Venus grew jealous of the young girl when suitors chose to worship Psyche instead of her. Their blasphemy angered the goddess, who later demanded Cupid to enact her revenge.

Cupid nevertheless managed to save Psyche and eventually married her. To celebrate their union, Jupiter scattered red roses all over the Earth. Still today, red roses are an excellent choice to express your love and devotion for your soulmate. Our classic dozen of red forever roses are guaranteed to remind them of your everlasting feelings for a full year.

Roses were Cleopatra's Favourite Flower

Paintings depicting roses were found on the walls of 5th-century Egyptian tombs. The rose has also been a firm favourite of Empress Cleopatra. She used to fill her living quarters with rose petals to win Marc Antony's affection.

Roses and Myths in Asian, Persian, and Middle Eastern Cultures

Roses in mythology created by Rome and Greece offer much inspiration, but we owe Asia for actually growing these flowers. In fact, rose cultivation likely began in China about 5000 years ago.

Very few people know that the members of the Han dynasty were obsessed with roses. The Emperor's library contained hundreds of books where the main subject were roses, which also adorned the Imperial Garden.

Additionally, roses appear in Arabic, Persian and Indian legends and tales. Read this article to learn about this mythical bloom.

The Birth of Goddess Lakshmi

According to Hindu beliefs and Ancient Indian literature, the rose played a central role in creating the world and mankind.

According to tradition, one day, Vishnu, protector of the world, and Brahma, divinity creator of the world, argued about which among flowers was the most beautiful. Vishnu mentioned the perfect shape of the rose, betting on the flower superiority. In contrast, Brahma, who had never seen a rose before, sided with the lotus.

When shown a rose by Vishnu, Brahma was left with no doubt about the unmatched beauty of the rose. At that moment, Brahma materialised a bush of 108 large roses and 1,008 small rose petals, from which The Goddess, who later became Vishnu's Wife, originated.

Lakshmi is associated with fortune and prosperity, and roses came to represent a strong link between her birth and her romance with Vishnu. Up to this day, giving forever roses as a gift is regarded as an unequivocal expression of love.

The Nightingale and the White Rose

White eternal roses in a hatbox (black cardboard)
White infinity roses in an elegant square black hatbox

An ancient Persian legend sheds light on the link that runs between red roses and passionate feelings. The legend is the story of a poor nightingale who could not sing but merely chirp and squawk. One day, the bird noticed a beautiful white rose and instantly fell in love with the stunning flower.

The little nightingale's love was so intense that it pushed the bird to sing for the first time. From that day forth, the flower would only open her bud when she heard its singing.

The pair was so in love that, one day, the nightingale, overwhelmed by his feelings, held the white rose so tightly that a thorn pierced his heart. The white petals turned deep red, creating an enduring link with their intense feelings of passion and devotion.

To this day, burgundy roses express deep devotion and are connected with passionate feelings. Giving an arrangement of wine infinity roses to your lover will communicate your commitment and deep love.

Prophet Mohammed and the Yellow Rose

Yellow Eternal Roses in acrylic box
Single Yellow Eternal Rose in acrylic perspex box

Unique references to roses and their symbolism also populate Arabic myths, including an episode involving Prophet Mohammad and his wife, Aisha.

One day, while away from home because of war, Mohammed was tormented by the idea that his wife might commit adultery against him. To find peace, he consulted the archangel, Gabriel.

The archangel advised the Prophet to test his wife's faithfulness by demanding her to drop whatever she might carry on his return into the river. If the woman had been faithful, the item would retain its colour.

Once he returned home, Aisha approached him with a large bunch of red roses. Mohammed asked her to drop all of them into the water, and, to their surprise, the roses turned to a bright yellow colour, indicating her unfaithfulness.

Today, yellow roses are not an appropriate gift for someone you are romantically interested in. However, nowadays, yellow roses have come to represent optimism, joy, and care. A bright and vibrant yellow forever rose arrangement is the most cheerful choice when giving roses to a friend.

Infinity Roses: The Most meaningful of Gifts

Countless legends and popular beliefs help us learn the symbolism surrounding the rose. The beauty of this flower is appreciated in Western and Eastern countries alike. We honour these elegant flowers by preserving the highest-quality infinity roses to offer a durable, sustainable, and luxurious alternative to fresh-cut flowers. In fact, unlike their fresh counterparts, our infinity roses will display their vibrant colour and sweet aroma for at least one year.

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