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Gorgeous yellow sympathy Flowers for a Memorial Service bursting with warm colours

Remembrance Day is approaching, and our forever roses are the best choice for flowers for a memorial service. They are available in a wide assortment of vibrant and warm colours guaranteed to be perfect for everyone. What is better is that they are long-lasting, allowing you to appreciate the sensitive gift for years. They also come in a variety of packaging that will suit different occasions and events too. In addition, each Rose holds a symbolic message that will make these Sympathy flower arrangements more individualised. So, what is Remembrance Day, and why is it celebrated?

People celebrate this occasion annually on the 11th of November. The event is observed in the UK. It honours members of the armed forces who lost their lives during the war. King George V. created the custom in 1919. The event aims to recall the end of hostilities, which ended on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. Every year, the Royal British Legion organises ceremonies where people lay a wreath at British War Memorials. That usually takes place at 11 o'clock with a two minutes silence as well.

Here, we listed the ultimate flowers for memorial services.

Remembrance Symbol

If you are searching for sympathy flowers that are a traditional symbol of this occasion, consider the Infinity Roses in red. The colour symbolises danger, compassion, and courage. It also represents strength - a character for war heroes. It also evokes attention and motivation and is an emotionally intense colour. Opt for these flowers to show love and appreciation for a soldier you know. It is an excellent sympathy flower option for friends or family. To show eternal friendship and gratitude, think of the medium-sized box.

Exquisite Flowers for a Memorial Service embellished with flaming colours
Symbolic red forever Roses

Innocence and Gratitude

If you are searching for flowers that portray sympathy, compassion, and love, Pink Roses are a good option. The colour signifies remembrance, kindness, and empathy. It is also a nurturing and calming colour, making it an excellent choice to gift these Roses to a grieving family. The flowers also connote sensitivity and warmth as well as innocence. That makes them great for remembering young soldiers. Since the event takes place to honour soldiers, these flowers would be a perfect fit as they imply thankfulness to the deceased. For a faithfulness message, consider the large-sized bouquet.

Purity and Respect

Another flower that characterises sympathy and sorrow is White Rose. It denotes the goodness, purity, and innocence of the departed. It can also be a reference to truthfulness and untainted love. That would refer to the passion soldiers have for their country, its people, and their determination to continue fighting. It also suggests admiration, respect, and youthfulness. That makes these flowers for memorial service good as a remembrance of young soldiers. Finally, consider the large-sized package for messages of sincerity, belief, and commitment to service.

Stunning white Flowers for a Memorial Service embellished with revitalising colours
Captivating white forever Roses

Warmth and Optimism

For flowers that offer comfort and relief to those who lost a loved one during the war, choose the sympathy flowers in yellow. The colour symbolises optimism, energy, and joy, so it is an idyllic option for those grieving.

You can use these flowers to remember friends who passed away during the war as well. Additionally, it represents devotion and loyalty to the army. Finally, it can express solidarity and support to the departed's family. For a sympathy flower arrangement that all can appreciate, consider the extra-large size box. It will imply genuine feelings, faith, and true love.

Sorrow and Respect

If you want to honour an armed forces member with a sympathy flower arrangement, pick the Purple Roses. The colour suggests respect, sorrow, and understanding. It also represents admiration for those we love. You can rest assured that these Roses will also provide relaxation and tranquillity to those who receive it as well. It can also refer to calmness and devotion to one's country. Finally, it evokes supportive instincts and religious symbolism too. For eternal love for parents, choose the medium, round, classic black box.

Our Roses for Worldwide Delivery

We create each of our elegant Roses using a unique preservation method. What is better Is that they require little care. We don't advise watering them. However, subtle dusting is recommended to help them maintain a fresh format. They are suitable for all occasions, events, and everyone. If you want to read more about our range of sympathy and funeral flowers, click here.

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