Illuminating and Cheerful DIY Christmas Floral Decorations

Illuminating and Cheerful DIY Christmas Floral Decorations

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Create Your Christmas Wreath with this Step-by-Step Procedure

The DIY wreaths are part of our Christmas Flowers Collection.

Both the Winter Forest Wreath and White Wonderland wreath have the same Do It Yourself (DIY) concept. In this article, you will learn how to compose the Winter Forest Wreath.

Step One

Once you receive your Christmas flower decoration, inside it will contain a golden hoop, the long stems required for your wreath – depending on which one you purchased – a gold wire and a ribbon to hold up your wreath.

Winter Forest Dried Flower Wreath
Winter Forest Wreath

Step Two

Your first course of action is to take the Amaranté London ribbon provided in this Christmas flower decoration and tie it to your hoop. You were creating a natural loop for your wreath. That will also suggest the starting point to build your wreath as you made a midpoint with the ribbon. It should look something like this.

Step two: Place and tie the ribbon on the hoop

Step Three

Gather the stems, the golden wire, and scissors. Now you will prepare to make your little bunches. That will help you build your wreath. First, take your stems and cut them short. That makes it the ideal size to bunch them together.

Pick one piece out of each floral and bunch them together. That will create a mini bouquet if you will. Using the wire, cut the wire into short pieces enough to cover your stems.

Step Three: What you will be needing

Step Four

Take a short piece of the wire and wrap it around the bottom of your little bunch, ensuring you tightly wrap it together. Keep doing this until you have put all your flowers into small bouquets.

Step Five

You can start building your wreath with your little bouquets of florals. First, wrap the little bunch from the bottom to the golden hoop using more gold wire. Wrap tightly so your bunches don't fall off later.

Step five: create small bouquets

Step Six

Keep doing this with your little bunches. Trick point: ensure that you cover the gold cable with the next group you are layering on as you go. By the end, you shouldn't be able to see any golden wire from the front. So instead, go all the way around in the same direction you started with, creating a visually appealing festive wreath.

Step Seven

You can choose only to do half of your wreath, giving it an elegant look accompanied by the bare gold hoop. As seen in the image below.

Or you could carry it all the way around and go for the festive look like this one. That would be an ideal arrangement to put on your front door. At the same time, the half wreath would make an excellent addition to your festive decoration indoors.

Step seven: Place Bouquets on hoop

Step Eight

Behind your wreath should look something a little like this. The gold-coloured wire is hidden behind the florals and can't be seen from the front.

Show Us Your Christmas Wreath!

Make sure to tag the team in your social media posts so they can see how you got on with your DIY wreath. These DIY wreaths will create the ideal festive feel in your home. This Christmas whether you want to hang it on your front door or your wall, these magical wreaths will look stunning in your home this Christmas.

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