Christmas Flowers That Will Match Your Favourite Winter Poems

Christmas Flowers That Will Match Your Favourite Winter Poems

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Christmas is fast approaching, and it's a time of the year when you can attribute many familiar warm feelings. The smell of fires is warming a hearth—the bubbling of mulled wine and cider on a stovetop. The snore of the more elderly family members, too stuffed with turkey, itself stuffed to the brim.

The festive season has always been a time of distinct, tangible feelings. Writers also have struggled to elaborate on their connection to Christmas. Some of the most famous poems in the English language connect us to winter and its magic. Poets always share a personal piece of their soul in these writings. It is that personal touch that makes Christmas magical.

The never-ending quest for a personal Christmas Gift is once again upon us. So why not gift your loved ones one of the lovely preserved floral arrangements? Then, pair the flowers with classic Christmas poems for a Christmassy feeling. Bring a bit of written beauty back into your home this year.

Memories of Dark Winter Nights

The Lilac Skies arrangements make for a perfect Christmas flower decoration of Midnight Christmas mystery. Try Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" for an ideal companion to these flowers.

Frost describes an ice-covered lake on the "Darkest evening of the year". This moody and mysterious Christmas Decoration matches Frost's vibe with stunning accuracy. It is the perfect Christmas Decoration for the mystery of a dark Christmas night. The feeling of wandering, late at night, in a fey-like grove, "Dark and Deep".

Frost Ends his poem with the open-ended and curious final two lines of the poem, "And miles to go before I sleep". This dark mystery entirely consumes this royal purple Christmas Bouquet. These royal, rich, luscious colours encapsulate Frost's esoteric classic. A short breath of cold air in a night, almost frozen in time, as the world around it carries on without you.

Lilac Skies Bouquet - Christmas Flowers to Communicate Wisdom and Magic
Lilac Skies Bouquet - Eco-Sustainable Preserved Flowers

The Perfect Reminder of Christmas Hope

In 1914, an event that occurred can only be described as a Miracle. After half a year of fighting on the front lines of World War One, the guns fell silent on Christmas Eve.

Across the trenches, the soldiers of great empires missed their families, their homes. So many began to sing carols and share gifts. Some even call across no-mans-land to their enemies, wishing them a happy Christmas.

The "Christmas truce" is a testament to humanity shining through even in the worst times. Pink Rebellion evokes these feelings of goodwill and kindness. Ian McMillan's poem "The Game" perfectly accompanies these flowers.

This Christmas, offer gifts that wish goodwill to all men and remind us of all the innocence within us. Let this soft, precious bouquet remind us of the fallen. Those who've fought to bring us peace and serenity. Remembrance is not only for November.

Pink Rebellion Bouquet, Captivating Christmas floral decoration displayed on the mantle of a fireplace
Pink Rebellion Bouquet of Dried Flowers

Coming Home for Christmas

For many people, Christmas is the perfect time to visit family. Many of us live many miles away from home. But once a year, you return to your home town. T.S. Eliot presents this feeling in "Preludes" with fantastic skill.

Eliot describes "Smell[s] of steaks in passageways" and "Withered leaves about your feet". The poem is reminiscent of an autumn forest with all kinds of smells, sights, and sounds. Our attractive Fallen Leaves Bouquet will bring the world home with you for Christmas. Let the changing of the seasons become a homely feeling.

The poem and these flowers give off an ethereal, urban nature. This delicate yet indescribable feeling of belonging. That is the Christmas Bunch to welcome a long-estranged family member home. So this Christmas, have your home smell of something infinitely gentle.

Divine Christmas flower decoration featured in an elegant stained glass vase.
Fallen Leaves Large Dried Flower Bouquet

Find the Perfect Christmas Flowers & Matching Poem For That Special Person

Why not complement one of these elegant Christmas flower decorations with poems of your own? Each of these bouquets tells its own story. Each bouquet has its very own Christmas feeling. Experiment and learn some poetry to heart!

The quickest way to the soul of any loved one is with the words and feelings of humanity. So combine your favourite poetry with flowers. This Christmas is the perfect opportunity to offer a unique gift to that sensitive soul.

Christmas Flowers - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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