The Best Earth Friendly Gifts for World Children’s Day

The Best Earth Friendly Gifts for World Children’s Day

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World Children’s Day is near, and what better way to celebrate this day than with earth friendly gifts. Our dried flowers are the ultimate option for all. They come in a wide assortment of colours and packaging, making them great for all occasions. Each dried flower bouquet encompasses soothing and delightful stems. They will make your ethical gifts all the more unique and personalised. So how do flowers support children, you may ask?

Many believe that flowers are a positive mental health booster for all kids. Not only does it offer them a chance to appreciate and understand living organisms, but it also enhances their gross motor skills. Besides, it strengthens their imagination as well as offer tranquillity for them. That is why we believe our flowers will make for wonderful ethical gifts. So, when did the custom of celebrating World Children’s Day begin?

People celebrate this custom annually on 20 November. It marks the UN General Assembly’s declaration of Children’s Rights on 20 November 1959. The tradition of World Children’s Day began in June 1857 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. It started when a pastor held a service specifically for children. But, it wasn’t until the 1920s in Turkey when people proclaimed this event as a holiday. It was first pronounced as an international celebration in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare in 1925. The United Kingdom also adopted it in 1954.

Here, we have listed our top five eco friendly flowers to give children on this joyous day.

Summer Heat

If you are searching for ethical gifts that symbolise happiness, joy, and warmth, look no further than our gorgeous Summer Heat flowers. Embellished with exotic stems, these flowers will be an excellent choice to create an optimistic atmosphere. Infused with exotic colours like orange and yellow, these flowers imply optimism, happiness and energy. When combined, these colours reduce anxiety and negativity, creating a healthy ambience for children of all ages.

Stems in this enchanting assortment are Carthamus, Orange Broom, and Gypsophila Yellow. It also features Babla, Red Lagurus, and more. They will help you express sentiments like strength, health, love, and innocence. Offered in three classic sizes, opt for the smaller sizes or jars for a large room.

Pink Rebellion

Imbued with majestic pink shades, the Pink Rebellion eco friendly flowers are the ultimate choice for young girls. These exquisite flowers are guaranteed to embrace any room with tranquillity, kindness, and comfort. They can also denote nurture and security, making them perfect as Earth Friendly Gifts. It also includes hints of white, adding purity, innocence, and new beginnings accent to this bouquet. People also believe that pink flowers enhance affection and clarity. They also support those who battle over-sensitivity and anger.

Blooms in the array include Pink Pampas, White Statice, Bleached Nigella, and more. Jointly, this assortment will emphasise joy, beauty, memory, and remembrance. Offered in three sizes, pick the large-sized bouquet for a smaller room.

Blushing pink flowers infused with tender stems
Beautiful pink Rebellion Flowers


The revitalising Paradise eco friendly flowers are bound to embrace those who receive them with energy and happiness. The colours in this vibrant collection include green, pink, and lavender. That will provide elements of luxury, appreciation, and nurture to the bouquet. The colours are also believed to reduce stress while also increasing self-esteem and anxiety.

Blossoms featured in this range are Purple Broom, Orange Bloom, and Green Bloom. It also includes Yellow Gypsophila and Yellow Statice. Jointly, this assortment will suggest strength, abundance, purity, and innocence. The calming colours in this assortment make them perfect for playrooms or bedrooms.

Lilac Skies

Look no further than our idyllic Lilac Skies eco friendly flowers that imply nurture. These flowers have different tranquilising colours, making them perfect for eco gifts. These earth friendly gifts will symbolise dependability and calmness. That makes them an excellent choice for an older child. The colours also provoke creativity and mystery, allowing your children to develop their skills.

It embodies a range of sophisticated flowers, from Lilac Statice to Purple Broom and more. Finally, you will have a bouquet that implies innocence, purity, and tranquillity.

Urban Jungle

People believe that Green represents energy and action. So, if you want to encourage your children to be more active, the Urban Jungle flowers are an idyllic option. They are perfect as earth friendly gifts for children as they suggest harmony and growth. It also represents good health, relaxation, and encouragement. The addition of delicate Orange Protea will add warmth and optimism will be added to the bouquet.

The addition of orange flowers will support those dealing with depression and negativity. Flowers included in this collection are Amaranthus, Medium Sun Palm, Wheat, and more. Together, they will signify beauty, strength, loyalty, and appreciation.

Magical flowers embellished in astounding green and orange stems
Beautiful Urban Jungle

Earth Friendly Gifts, Delivered Worldwide

We create our beautiful and fragrant dried flowers using a careful preservation method. What is better is that they last for years, allowing your children to appreciate them for longer. In addition, our flowers are available for worldwide delivery. That way, you can show your love for your children wherever you are in the world. Flowers are also believed to support positive mental health for adults too.

So, if you chose your earth friendly gifts for your children and want to read more about flowers and mental health, click here!

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