Unique Wedding Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

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A beautiful Winter wedding is a perfect season to make your wedding day extra magical and vibrant.

Typical Wedding Flowers tend to be either white in tone or even Infinity Roses, which you can see here. There are many options for floral wedding arrangements that are perfect for every type of bride in the brand-new wedding collection.

Frosty Floral Unique Wedding Flowers

Wedding Showpieces are vital for the reception after the special day; there will be many unique floral wedding arrangements to choose from.

The Bohemian Bride wedding bouquet is bursting with both colour and life. This assortment is the perfect level of brightness for your wedding table flowers. With colours such as brilliant yellows, perfect oranges, brilliant beiges, and bright purples, this is the ideal floral package to bring life to the party and preserve all those beautiful memories within.

This bright assortment is for those who aren't ready to say goodbye to Autumn Time. This Autumn themed bouquet is the pinnacle of nature with its bright colours. A Winter ceremony doesn't mean you must say goodbye to paint, and this floral centrepiece is proof of that. So keep the cosy warmth close with you on the best day of your life as the nights draw closer and colder daily.

Magical unique wedding flowers, modelled for a bridesmaid bouquet
Bohemian Bride preserved flowers

Alternatively, Wild Love jars are an excellent choice for bringing Mother Nature into the day you call your own. Its appearance holds the wildness of nature much like its namesake, with its various stems; this is one for the couple who are embracing the unpredictability and beauty of nature itself. Brilliant beiges, revitalising greens, and splendid yellows are what hold this bouquet together in glorious fashion.

Opting for sustained flowers in jars not only allows you to spread the desired feeling far throughout the wedding and reception, but it also allows you to gift them to some exceptional loved ones.

With six jars in total, there's more than enough love to go around. The jars act as marvellous miniature hosts to soak in all the memories of happy celebrations. They can stay on the show for years. You can reminisce in marvel with beautiful wedding centrepiece flowers that will live long beyond your Wintertime wedding.

Timeless unique wedding flowers photographed for the wedding range
Wild Love flowers

A Wonderland of Custom Wedding Flowers

Embrace the solstice at your wedding with a beautiful pink bouquet, both pastel and velvet, with a compliment for a Blushing Bride. This elegant assortment is for the bride wanting to bring an essence of fantastical magic down the aisle with them. Exploding with pale colours that harness what winter is, these flowers have perfect pinks, gorgeous greens, and beautiful purples.

Make your wedding day a fairy-tale of your very own with these traditional wedding flowers. Frozen in time at the perfect point in their lives, these unique wedding flowers will tell a story of your loving union that can be relived for years to come indefinitely.

These flowers are adaptable for all occasions, so you needn't hide them away once the special day is over. You can keep them on the show for as long as you desire for all different types of occasions, as they soak up all the loving, happy memories for years to come.

Majestic unique wedding flowers in a nature setting
Bridal Blush Preserved Flowers

Dried Flowers, Frozen in Time

All of the stems are carefully procured through Fairtrade B Corp farms in Holland to ensure that care for the planet takes place while also offering the highest quality dried flowers. Plus, with every single order made, two trees are planted in return.

No matter how far away your Winter wedding may be, you can get your unique wedding flowers months in advance or a day before. You can view the entire collection of wedding centrepieces here.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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