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Urban Jungle bouquet - Wedding Centrepiece

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. Especially when you are narrowing down on what your theme could be for your wedding. We want to help you make this process a little easier by helping you pick the perfect wedding flowers. Our ethically sourced dried flowers come in different ranges and colours, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

Vintage weddings are always beautiful to design and decorate. We know how difficult it can be to do in modern society. As a brand, we try to design our bouquets to fit many different genres and themes. We strive for versatility. We are sure you'll find the perfect vintage wedding bouquets as your wedding centrepiece.

Wuthering Heights

If you are someone who loves the Romantics era and wants a wedding theme around the 19th century, we have the flowers for you. Our Lilac Skies bouquet would make for a wonderful wedding bouquet or wedding centrepiece in your reception. Lilac Skies is your pick if you are looking for a Victorian-era vintage wedding that would use the colour palette of that period. If purple tones with neutral accents are what you need, then these bouquets are it.

Lilac Skies Bouquets and Jars
Lilac Skies Dried Flower Bouquet and Wedding Centrepiece

Lilac Skies Bouquets

We use roses in this floral arrangement as roses are a classic flower in the Romantics era. We have included thistles in these floral arrangements as this can drawback to the literature of this period. A lot of the novel and poetry included themes of individuality and solitude alongside the romance of love. We have added a couple of wheat stems that accentuate the landscape art of this period that was very popular. Also, the repeated symbolism of the English moors. If this is the theme you are looking for, then Lilac Skies would be an exquisite wedding centrepiece for you.

The Flower Duet for a

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a museum or an opera house like Opera Garnier in Paris with the works of Mozart, Beethoven or Lakme assisting you down the aisle. Our new Adore You bouquet would suit your vintage wedding down to its finest detail. The Adore You bouquet has the perfect tones for someone who dreams of a classical theme for their wedding. It adds that elegance to your tables as a centrepiece. The Classical Period colour palette used a lot of earth tones and different variations of red. It would make an eye-catching centrepiece or wedding bouquet.

Unique selection of rich Adore You jars
Dried Flower Bouquet Adore You in All Sizes

In these dried flowers arrangements, we use reds and play around with the different shades complimenting each other. We've added in pampas grass to soften the wedding bouquets visual look. For a classical themed vintage wedding reception, this is the perfect choice. Our classic use of red roses grounds the bouquet with its classical element. The deeper red tones drawback to the Classical period using dark shades in art and interior design, which will emulate itself through your wedding centrepiece.

The Roaring Twenties

When thinking of the Roaring Twenties as a vintage wedding theme, our new dried flowers arrangement Urban Jungle is a perfect choice.

The Roaring Twenties means luxury parties, vintage wedding bouquets, pearls, gold, exotic aesthetics, and so much more. The 1920s had the world turned into a big Urban Jungle. This is why when picking a wedding centrepiece for your extravagant 1920's themed vintage wedding reception, this bouquet will be the right fit. We used darker colours in these dried flowers arrangement, with subtle oranges, reds, and blues accents. We wanted to give a dark base for this floral arrangement and work upwards by layering colours from there.

Close Up of Urban Jungle Dried Flower Bouquet
Dried Flower Bouquet

Bouquets and Centrepieces

The one piece that stands out the most in this bouquet is the peacock feathers that were ethically sourced. These feathers were a central part of art, fashion and culture in the 1920s after they rose to popularity in the fin de siècle. They symbolised royalty, extravagance and radiated beauty with their iridescent colour. Which is what the roaring twenties was all about. Imagine this beauty as your wedding centrepiece. These beautiful feathers are on women's headbands, in Hollywood, in magazines and interior décor in the 1920s. When planning your wedding bouquets, be sure to know this centrepiece will be a pivotal part in capturing the true essence of the 1920s.

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Here at Amaranté, we care about you and helping you find the perfect vintage wedding bouquets. Our dried flowers will add the detailing you need for any theme you want. You can take your wedding centrepiece home and keep them as memorabilia forever in your home.

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