New Wedding Flowers - Three Ideas for your Bridal Bouquet

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eco-sustainable dried floral arrangements for weddings - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
Bridal Bouquets & Groon Buttonhole Flowers - New Collection 2021-2022

We want to ensure that we have a variety of Wedding Flowers for every type of person for every type of occasion. Weddings are no exception, and with our new Wedding Collection, we truly do have something for everyone.

We have so many new Wedding Bouquets designed with the utmost care for all to see, and we're dying to share them with you. From the brilliant mind of our head florist in the UK, we bring you the first three Wedding Bouquets of the brand-new Wedding Collection.

Wild Love Wedding Flowers:

The Wild Love Bouquet is designed with the vibrancy of nature in mind. With inspiration from the wildness of nature, this bouquet's stand out appearance is not for the fainthearted. Beautiful greens, luscious whites, brilliant yellows, and bursting beiges. This floral assortment allows the bride to bring the beauty of nature to the aisle in an elegant yet still wild fashion.

You can't tame nature, so why try? You can become one with nature in a beautiful and elegant statement with these wedding flowers. Consisting of Banksia, Eucalyptus cinerea, Lepidium, Wheat, Broom green, Asparagus fern, Statice white, Amaranthus green short, Craspedia, Eryngium white, Pampas, Ruscus bleached, Amaranthus green trailing, Fan palm bleached, Sword fern, Acronolium white, Peacock feather bleached. Mother Nature will be there with you, to have and to hold.

Bridal Bouquet - Amaranté eco-sustainable Presewrved Flowers
The Power of Nature: the Wild Love Bridal Wedding Flowers

Love Story Wedding Flowers

Every bride, and indeed every groom, have a story of love that is unique to them that they have to tell. A wedding day is a perfect vessel to tell that next chapter; it is inevitable. The Flowers are the ideal way to both venture into the next chapter and preserve those loving memories of a beautiful union.

Time knows no bounds, but we can only experience the flow of time as it moves forward. However, a Wedding Bouquet can preserve the past with you as time moves forward. Made up of preserved flowers in gorgeous green and wonderfully white, consisting of Eucalyptus cinerea, Eucalyptus Nicoli green, Ruscus green, Lepidium, Sword fern, Medium fan palm, Preserved Rose. Share your story, get everyone involved on your wedding day.

Red Roses Bridal Bouquet
Luscious Bridal Bouquet in Resplendent Red

Bridal Blush Wedding Flowers:

The blush of a bride on her wedding day is of pure love as two become one. With the Buttonhole Flowers, one can match that sentiment in beauty and love. Pale in tone, this floral arrangement consists of pretty pale pinks, brilliant fluffy beiges, gorgeous greens, and powerful purples. This wedding bouquet is truly for the bride. She wears her heart on her sleeve in a spectacularly suave and equally elegant way.

This dried flower bouquet features many stems: King protea, Eucalyptus parvi red, Amaranthus red short, Broom bleached pink, Acronolium pink, Lagurus natural, Pampas, Nigella natural, Mini spear natural, Statice long, Ruscus bleached, Eucalyptus cinerea, Plumosum preserved pink, Wheat bearded bleached, and Preserved Rose pink.

These preserved flowers are truly the perfect companion to cherish forever for the bride of elegance and bursting love.

Bridal Bouquet - Amaranté Dried Flowers.
The blushing beauty of the Bridesmaid variant of the Bridal Blush Wedding Flowers
    • blush bridal bouquet
    • Groom Buttonhole Flower

A Wedding Bouquet from Us to You:

We are proud to bring you the brand-new wedding collection. The new wedding collection is designed with the utmost care, and all parts of the process are carefully planned, from the stems to the way we farm our flowers. Through Fairtrade farming with B Corp, our forever roses and dried flowers have been farmed to not harm the environment.

We care for how we get our stems to bring you the highest quality wedding bouquets. Furthermore, we also strive to give back to the planet. Fresh-cut flowers only lasting a very short time before dying; our preserved dried flowers are the perfect alternative.

With every single order made, we return the sentiment and double it by planting two trees back. This is part of the reforestation program; we aim to contribute to this by planting one million trees by 2025. However, this is the beginning, and with thousands planted already, we will plant millions of trees together.

Browse our full collection of Wedding Flowers here. Finally, for a breakdown of the rest of the Wedding Collection, please venture here to find the perfect bouquet for you.

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