Three Ideas for your Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquet

Three Ideas for your Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquet

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Our Collection of Wedding Flowers provides a variety of eco-friendly forever flowers from which to choose and create the perfect wedding theme for your special day.  We have designed several options for every type of person to express themselves, from intense reds to delicate pinks or luxurious purples. In this article, we'll look at three of our Bridal Bouquets, the most important element everyone will notice.

Every Bridal Bouquet in our Wedding Collection is designed with the utmost care for all to see.

Eco-Sustainable Flowers for Your Wedding

Our eco-sustainable approach guarantees what we call "The Zero Life Approach": creating luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth. We are unique in our methods in that we hold zero stock, so we do not create waste. We emit a certain amount of CO2 for every flower picked and shipped. By respecting the produce, we ensure that we create the least carbon emissions possible.

The Wild Love Bouquet

This luxury bouquet is designed with the vibrancy of Nature in mind. With inspiration from the wildness of Nature, wedding flower arrangements like these stand out and make a statement that everyone will see as you walk down the aisle. This bouquet features a diversity of colours: beautiful greens, pure whites, brilliant yellows, and elegant shades of beige. This luxury wedding flower arrangement is a small piece of art to accompany the bride and bring the beauty of Nature to the aisle in an elegant yet "wild" fashion.

The stems in the luxury bouquet are Banksia, Eucalyptus, Lepidium, Wheat, Broom green, Asparagus fern, Statice white, Amaranthus green short, Craspedia, Eryngium white, Pampas, Ruscus bleached, Amaranthus green trailing, Fan palm bleached, Sword fern, Acronolium white, Peacock feather bleached. Mother Nature will be there with you with this wedding bouquet to have and to hold. 

Bridal Bouquet designed for a wedding theme that focuses on natural beauty with deep greens, beiges, and whites for an elegant and beautiful hand-picked look.
Wild Love Bouquet

The Love Story Bouquet

Every bride and groom has a unique story of love that they have to tell. The day of your wedding is a perfect vessel to start your next chapter in life; it is inevitable. This bouquet, featuring our intense red infinity roses is just what you're looking for to communicate your passion and excitement as you venture into the next chapter of your life.

This wedding bouquet design features our bright red roses in an articulated floral composition made up of dried flowers in gorgeous green and pure white, consisting of Eucalyptus cinerea, Eucalyptus Nicoli green, Ruscus green, Lepidium, Sword fern, Medium fan palm, Preserved Rose.

A bridal bouquet for brides seeking red roses where bright reds blend perfectly with the deep greens of the dried stems.Love Story Bouquet

The Bridal Blush Bouquet

Pale in tone, this floral arrangement consists of light pinks, brilliant fluffy beiges, intense greens, and powerful purples. These wedding flowers are genuinely for the bride. She wears her heart on her sleeve in a spectacularly suave and equally elegant way.

This dried flower bouquet features many stems: King protea, Eucalyptus parvi red, Amaranthus red short, Broom bleached pink, Acronolium pink, Lagurus natural, Pampas, Nigella natural, Mini spear natural, Statice long, Ruscus whitened, Eucalyptus cinerea, Plumosum preserved pink, Wheat bearded bleached, and Preserved Rose pink.

Vintage Bridal Bouquet, a Timeless Dried Flower Bouquet
Bridal Blush - Luxury Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets Made in the UK, from Us to You

We design our Bridal Bouquets with the utmost care and attention to even the smallest detail. All our wedding flower arrangements are made in the UK. All aspects of the process are carefully planned, from the stems to how we farm and produce our forever flowers. Through Fairtrade farming with B Corp, our dried flowers and forever roses have been planted not to harm the environment. Our natural preservation formula freezes the life of every bloom. We capture flowers in the prime of their beauty that will last at least one year and last as long as three years if kept away from direct sunlight and air conditioning outlets.

Free UK Delivery on Weekdays, we'll deliver your flowers to 250 countries

We offer free UK Delivery during the week - an additional fee will apply for weekend delivery. Amaranté will send your wedding flowers globally, including next day delivery to most. Place your order at least five working days for international delivery to ensure your flowers arrive in time. See our international delivery page for a complete listing of all countries.

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