The Ultimate Dry Flower Decorations For Spooky Halloween Films

The Ultimate Dry Flower Decorations For Spooky Halloween Films

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It's SPOOKY SEASON! We are now in one of the most exciting months of the year! As Halloween fast approaches, everyone who celebrates will be deep in preparation. From picking costumes to gathering sweets and drinks for any guests or trickle treaters.

Let's not forget the joys of decorating your home in keeping with this spooky season and sitting down with your favourite childhood Halloween movie. So why not let your home decorations be inspired by those classic Halloween films you love?

We have just the flowers for you to perfectly decorate your home this year. Our recent, long lasting flower collection is filled with many beautiful bouquets that striking resemble many beloved Halloween screen favourites.

Hocus Pocus

When speaking of Halloween, Hocus Pocus is at the forefront of Halloween classics. This is why we matched it with our spooky Lilac Skies dried blooms. The fun and light-hearted nature of the story of the Sanderson sisters in the 20th century goes well with our Lilac Skies as it is a light and fun bouquet. However, it is also deep in depth and tone like the film. This floral bouquet will add the perfect amount of spookiness you want in the home.

The colour palette of the film is purple heavy, and this is a classic colour choice for Halloween itself, making these blooms an ideal choice for dry flower decorations. Representing so many elements and themes of Halloween. Purple represents the way dusk is used as a common theme in Halloween based stories or films.

The colour scheme for this classic film is mixed with purples and autumnal orange tones with black as a base. Therefore, these small sustainable flowers creates the perfect contrasting purple tones to emulate this colour palette. These florals are the ultimate decorations for your home.

Beautiful Lilac Dry Flower Decorations
Lilac Dry Flower Decorations

Our florists also added thistles to this bouquet which we can all agree is Halloween appropriate, especially in terms of witchcraft. We wanted to match this classic film with sustainable flowers that carried the prevalent themes, aside from its colours.

The different dried flowers used in these arrangements are associated with witchcraft, such as Lavender. In this spooky month of October, you’re going to want this beauty as a decoration in your home so the lavender can bring you good luck!

Sweeney Todd

Since it is Halloween, how could we not mention a bit of a creepy movie? Sweeney Todd is at the top of the list for films that crawl into our dreams at night. Not necessarily because the narrative is terrifying, but mostly because Tim Burton’s style always leaves a lasting impression.

The colour palette of this film is self-explanatory. The red is undeniably apparent. If Sweeney Todd is your favourite Halloween film, then for decorations, we would recommend adorning your home with Adore You this Halloween.

Ravishing Adore You Dry Flower Decorations
Adore You Dry Flower Decorations

Throughout the film, the visuals are dark and gloomy. However, the red is brightened and clear. Our arrangement Adore You gives off that very same effect.

The deep red colours in these sustainable flowers stand out a lot, and it would stand out in a home too. Much like the film, red is emulated as a colour of importance here.

These sustainable flowers carry dark red coloured thistles that are emblematic of the narrative. Thistles represent darkness and a gothic theme, which is why these dried flowers would make the ideal florals for your home this spooky month.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Since we are on the topic of Tim Burton, we must mention Nightmare Before Christmas. If you are a more traditional Halloween celebrator, then orange is your choice of colour. Wanting to adorn your home in a Tim Burton theme with dried blooms? Fallen Leaves is the one for you.

Bright Autumnal Fallen Dry Flower Decorations
Dry Flower Decorations

This movie makes many feel undecided about which festive season it fits into best. Halloween or Christmas? Why not meet in the middle and enjoy it in November which is fast approaching.

This film is perfect for a classic Autumn evening. Pumpkins and the colour orange are all about Halloween and Autumn. Fallen Leaves carries the perfect autumnal feel that flowers should give.

The sustainable flowers used in this bouquet creates the ultimate Autumn look. The beautifully mixed oranges and red tones remind us of Autumn leaves, pumpkins and best of all, wonderful halloween film nights in. If you want to decorate your home in a Tim Burtonesque style, then these dried blooms will add that effect to your home.

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