The Ultimate Halloween Dried Flowers Decoration for a Spooky Party

The Ultimate Halloween Dried Flowers Decoration for a Spooky Party

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The scary season is here, and what better way to celebrate this time of year than with a Halloween party. Since no party is complete without dry flowers decorations for your home, our eco flowers are for your service.

Available in an array of vivid colours, their variety of sizes also makes them suitable for Halloween themes. They are an excellent choice for eco gifts for a Halloween party too. So, when did the theme of Halloween start?

Halloween Over the Years 

The tradition is celebrated annually, worldwide, on the 31st of October. It dates back to 1745 with Christian origins—the word Hallowe'en means 'saints' evening. While the occasion has taken place for many years, Halloween house parties have only become popular in recent years.

They usually include sweets, flavoured food and a variety of drinks too. Specific colours like black, orange, and red are also chosen to represent and signify this day.

Our gorgeous eco flowers are available in all Halloween inspired colours. To help you get inspired, we've listed our top 5 Halloween Party Decoration recommendations.

5. A Halloween Custom

If you are looking for preserved arrangements that accent Autumn, the gorgeous Fallen Leaves eco flowers are great. This bouquet includes warm and fiery red hot pink stalks. They are the perfect dry flowers decoration for your home.

Together, these colours will imply warmth and joy. However, they also add elements of danger, mystery, and playfulness to the flowers. That makes them ideal for eco gifts for a friend's party.

Many people believe that the colour red increases appetite and blood pressure. This collection's features include Amaranthus, Sun Palm, Wheat, and more. You can opt for these flowers in your kitchen if you intend on having dinner during your party too. It is an outstanding choice for a preserved arrangement that implies beauty, strength, loyalty, and appreciation. They come in three sizes – medium, large, and jars too.

4. Hauntingly Mysterious

Scary creatures like bats and spiders characterise Halloween, making black a significant colour for this occasion. The colour also denotes danger, power, and authority. However, it also has positive connotations like protection and security. The beautiful  Rustic Meadow flowers are a superb choice for Halloween parties. The colours in these dry flowers decoration for home is for display in living rooms. The dark stems will also work great with light coloured walls.

Flowers in this preserved collection include Eucalyptus, Black Broom, and more. They convey sincerity and confidence. You can buy these flowers in three sizes. Consider the more petite bouquet and jars for larger spaces.

Captivating eco flowers imbued with bold stems
Divine Rustic Meadow Flowers

3. Dangerous and Romantic

For flowers that accent the elements of the danger of Halloween, then these exquisite flowers are the way to go. The Adore You flowers are bursting with red, white, and playful pink flowers. People also think that red complements the make-up and costumes that are popular now.

The dried flower jars make for another excellent option for the kitchen or living room. The oozing red will imply courage and anger too. Embellished with Red Eucalyptus, Palm, and more, they will make for an extraordinary decoration. They suggest purity and eternal life too. You can also opt for them as eco gifts.

2. Scary Earth Tones

Adopted by pop culture as monsters and evil, green is also a colour for Halloween. It has many positive meanings, like revitalisation but can also mean anger and jealousy.

On the other hand, the Urban Jungle eco flowers symbolise warmth, caution, and mystery. Hence why these flowers are a good choice as dry flowers decoration for home. These preserved arrangements include Amaranthus, Medium Sun Palm, Wheat, and more. It will signify beauty, strength, loyalty, and appreciation.

Gorgeous dry flower decorations for home infused with warm and cool stems
Exquisite Urban Jungle preserved arrangements

1. Paranormal Eco Gifts

Known by many as the colour of the supernatural, our incredible Lilac Skies flowers make for another optimal choice for a family room display. The colour purple implies many positive references, too, like nurture and luxury. It does represent imagination and creativity, which accents the costumes of this occasion.

The purple dry flowers decorations for your home are a must for any party. These flowers include Lilac Statice, Purple Broom, Blue Gyp, and more. With that, you will have a bouquet to imply innocence, arrogance, and immaturity to fit with the Halloween themes.

Eco Flowers For Every Season

Our idyllic flowers offer you the chance of enjoying the Halloween and Autumn season for far longer than standard fresh flowers. Being sustainable, they last for years, not days meaning you can display them not only for Halloween, but for a remainder of the Autumn season when the Winter winds start to draw in. 

Every product is made to order and hand wrapped by our UK florists. Ensuring that you receive the very best fresh and fragrant dry flower decorations for your home. Our flowers are perfect for all seasons, so if you want to read more about our house decoration or housewarming products, click here!

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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