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Our fragrant forever flowers are the ultimate choice for a congratulations first home gift.

Moving house is a milestone for everyone. With a new house comes new beginnings and excitement for the future. A home is where most feel relaxed and secure. A place where you are in control. And what better way is there to celebrate moving to a new home than with congratulations first home flowers. Our enchanting flowers are guaranteed to be perfect for whichever season you move in at. They also make a home staple in any room of your new house.

Seasons Bliss

There is no denying that the ever changing weather can bring negative energy with it. Transforming your new home's décor to align with every season has a significant effect on the atmosphere of your house, thus affecting your mood and thoughts.

Not only is it good for yourself, but for others too. For example, you tend to use rooms like living rooms and kitchens for visitors and family gatherings. A change in these rooms, small or big, would set a captivating transformation and first impressions. So how to choose the optimal house décor for you? You do this with simple yet effective matters like changing wall colours or choosing Divine flowers.

We provide you with a wide assortment of exotic forever flowers that will catch your eyes, as well as be an effective moving house greetings gift for others too. We guarantee you that not only will they provide tranquillity for your house, but as eco gifts for a friend or family too. They can be excellent moving house greetings flowers too.

Our divine flowers stems are carefully preserved, meaning you can enjoy them for years. You can also use them as congratulations first home gifts. So how do you choose which glorious flowers decoration is best? It's all in the colours and messages that these delicate flowers hold. We have listed our top five flowers for your winter home.

5. Warm Summer Heat

If you have moved houses in winter and looking for forever flowers to bring summer touches to your house decorations, or for eco gifts, summer heat is a great choice. Perfect flowers for your winter house, this enchanting bouquet is the ideal choice for you.

Embellished with red, orange, yellow, and hot pink stems, this will add warmth to your house. Red is the colour of danger, romance, and love. It is also believed to evoke sentiments linked to increased blood pressure, metabolism, and appetite. This also makes it ideal to place in a kitchen or dining room of your new house.

Choose these flowers as eco gifts, for your home, or a friend as congratulations first home gifts, to add depth to the kitchen or dining room. This collection features Achillea, Carthamus, orange broom, protea, yellow statice, and more. It will represent healing and love.

Dried flower bouquet - first home gifts
Summer Heat Blooms Dried Flower Bouquet

4. Tranquilising Lilac Skies

If you are moving houses in winter and looking to embrace the gloomy atmosphere and the chills, then our lilac skies flowers are the optimum choice. They are available in four different sized bouquets – small, medium, large, and jars.

These delicate dried flower arrangements are a great choice for living rooms or family. They are an optimum choice for flowers that imply nurture, luxury, and ambition. What makes these spectacular flowers better is that they are longer lasting.

These flowers increase the mind and provide relaxation. The stems included in this captivating array are lilac Statice, purple broom, blue gyp, lilac Limonium, and more. Together, they result in feelings of remembrance, protection, and warmth.

3. Energising Rustic Meadow

Another excellent dried flower arrangement for anyone who is moving in winter, or enjoys the cold, these flowers are an exceptional pick. One of the many magical elements of forever flowers is that they help you sleep. They are best arranged with light coloured walls.

For congratulations on your new home blossoms for a friend, consider this neutral, dried flower arrangement. Infused with chromatic colours from dark green to black broom, they symbolise renewal, protection, and comfort. That makes them perfect for decoration at home. More specifically, for bedrooms.

The combination of dark green and black are considered to induce luxury and relaxation. Therefore, we offer you this heart-warming assortment in small sizes, including Eucalyptus Cinera, Bleached Ruscus, Mini Spear green, wheat, and more. Jointly, these florals will correspond to feelings of strength, health, and protection. These flowers are also remarkable for a friend who is changing houses, as moving house greetings flowers.

Tranquilising flowers in jars
Rustic Meadow Jars

2. Tender Pink Rebellion

For those who are planning a move in Spring time, look no further than these blushing flowers. They include stems bursting with warm pink and classic white tones, making them ideal for this time of the year.

Flowers offer immense healthy elements to children. The inclusion of them in children's bedrooms reduces anxiety and depression. They boost creative skills and fine motor skills in children's minds. If you are searching for elegant flowers for your children's bedroom, our Pink Rebellion collection is the choice for you.

These flowers include shades of blushing and hot pink. It characterises feelings of kindness, sweetness, and love- ideal for girls' bedrooms. The colour is also said to have uplifting and energising effects. This bouquet is available in medium and large sizes, as well as jars. You can display it in one vase or different areas of the room if you use the jars. It is ideal for all rooms and preferences. What is better is that you can also choose this bouquet for a family or friend as moving house greetings flowers.

The stems in this collection encompass pink Mini pampas, bleached nigella, white statice, pink broom and more. When displayed, this will create thoughts of remembrance, harmony, and profusion.

1. Exotic Fallen Leaves

The fallen leaves collection is the optimal choice for anyone, or yourself, if you are having a fall moving houses. This enchanting bouquet has warm colours like orange and yellow. Best displayed in living rooms, kitchen, or dining rooms, the colours represent socialisation, appetite, and warmth. It provides sentiments of security of protection. That makes it perfect to use in rooms that the family primarily uses, or as moving house greetings flowers for a friend or family.

The colour is also an excellent choice for you if you seek a country inspired interior design. Yet, if your house has traditional methods, adding warm elements to your décor will add a great touch. Stems in this collection include Eucalyptus, Pampas, Black Broom, Gypsophila, and more. Together, these stems will imply wealth, strength, and purity.

Our Promise For Sustainability

Each of our delicate flowers is created with our unique and careful method. What is even better is that they are long-lasting. So, while other flowers last for a short while, you can rest assured that your congratulations first home flowers will last for other seasons as well, so you can enjoy them while they bring heat and warmth to your summer house decorations too.

They are wrapped as you purchase, them ensuring that you receive flowers that are both fragrant and fresh. With every product you buy, two trees are planted in return -our way of saying thank you to our planet. We aim to increase this to one million trees by 2025, and, with your support, we are sure to reach that and more.

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