Idyllic Flowers For Your Wildflower Wedding

Idyllic Flowers For Your Wildflower Wedding

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Weddings take on all different forms. They are each a beautiful reflection of the love two people share and a subtle representation of their intricate and unique personalities.

Flowers have always been a magical way to celebrate two people's connection. However, they also represent different aspects of each personality within that relationship, which is why Wildflower Weddings make some of the most enchanting events.

With a wildflower bouquet, you can recreate the magic of joyful pastures. The incredible UK florists curate them with the utmost care for you and your guests to enjoy.

You will see exciting structures with pretty blossoms peeking through. Here is some inspiration to create the Wildflower party of your dreams.

Explore the collection and find the flowers that speak to you the most. You can peruse the various stems that make their way into each wild and whimsical bouquet. Choose blooms that match your character and personality to find the perfect floral decor for your special day.

Unique Preserved Flowers Make Magic

In recent years, wildflower weddings have become increasingly popular. While they may subscribe to the same theme, they're all unique. Dried flowers are brilliant for ensuring your wedding is too. There are plenty of beautiful, preserved stems to choose from in the collection. Your Wedding Flowers are a chance to put your personality into your big day.

A varied selection of romantic blossoms is created by fashioning many beautiful colour palettes. You will discover pretty pastels, rustic and warm, deep and rich and muted and airy- to name a few.

To incorporate unique texture, you will find these glorious stems accompanied by lively foliage mirroring the unstructured. A Wild plant Wedding is all about imitating natural beauty. With sun-kissed Dried Flower displays, it's easy to do just that.

Poised & Intriguing?

If you feel like you relate to such traits or are often described as the above, exploring the hand-crafted assortments will be as fun as your personality.

Every arrangement is available as a timeless brides bouquet, smaller bridesmaid bouquets, perfect-fit buttonholes, a spectacular ornamental hat box centrepiece and a set of three jars. Not to mention that each Wildflower Bouquets is hand-made right here in the UK.

Romantic Dried Wildflower Bouquet

First off, let's discuss the 'Adore You' and its darling shades of lilac nestled amid prominent red roses. The focus of the bouquets is the classic red preserved rose. The ultimate symbol of everlasting love- a perfect way to spread love as you come down the aisle.

The farmers have gathered the most pigmented blooms. Then, finally, they top them off with delicate blossoms and muted greenery. This bouquet can emit particular messages about the connection you share as a couple. They will also encourage your guests to embrace it too.

Majestic dried wildflower bouquet beaming with custom red and white shades
Adore You Preserved Flowers

A Warm Playful Wildflower Bouquet

You might have envisioned your nature-inspired wedding to be more muted yet still warm and elevated. If this is the case for you, the 'Bohemian Bride' collection is certainly a match. You'll see sunny yellows, natural woody browns, earthy greens and autumnal oranges.

You can decorate your tables with whimsical flower jars containing these artistic arrangements, and maybe your guests can take a piece of your Wildflower Wedding home with them too. Soothing Eucalyptus stems will promote serenity, while playful papaver will excite and bring joy.

Each wildflower bouquet will complement any bride and her bridesmaids. Not to mention that with the stunning buttonholes, the whole wedding party will look in sync with your theme.

But these Dried Flowers have a fantastic ability to reflect copious identities. So if you'd like yours to represent the delicate and the feminine, then the sensational assortments for your Wildflower Wedding are waiting for you.

An Elegant Dried Wildflower Bouquet

The Bridal Blush range is the ideal choice for those who love pastels, romantic pinks, soft and fluffy textures, all enhanced by muted tones of forest-like leaves. However, these graceful tones do not detract from the spirit of a Wildflower Wedding.

Eco flower arrangements are the perfect way to combine femininity with the vivacity of nature. Also, since these farm-fresh flowers are preserved, they'll last beyond your wedding day. So you and your guests can take a token of this special occasion home and treasure your wholesome memories.

Blushing dried wildflower bouquet  modelled in a garden
Bridal Blush Preserved Flowers

Take Some of the Wedding Planning Stress Away…

Wildflower weddings are, by nature, rather tricky to plan due to the inherent nature of flowers. But, now, if you choose to use fresh blooms for your wedding day. The Dried Flowers are preserved to capture the exact essence of a new flower for many years. But, with the proper care, they have the potential to last up to three. You can read more about this here.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers
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