Forever Roses To Ask 'Be My Bridesmaid'

Forever Roses To Ask 'Be My Bridesmaid'

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Our preserved roses in Rose Boxes are the perfect bright wedding flowers for any perspective. Pick from an array of stunning coloured hatboxes to suit the theme you want. So why not ask your friends if they want to be your bridesmaid with one of our beautiful eco-friendly rose boxes?

Wedding season is approaching fast, which means you'll need to decide on your bridesmaids soon! It's always a fun little tradition the moment you ask your closest friends to stand up at the end of the aisle with you. In recent decades' bridesmaid proposals have become more and more creative. Nothing will show just how they mean to you as much as our long-lasting roses. Take your dearest ones on a nice little brunch and show them how you appreciate them. They will be ecstatic when they see the beautiful box of roses you have bought for them.

Red Bright wedding flowers

It is well-known that red floral roses have been the greatest gift option for centuries. To this day, nothing says I love you more loudly and clearly than long-lasting red roses. Your close friends will be over the moon when they receive these beautiful hatboxes as a bridesmaid's proposal.

The thing that is so great about our rose boxes is that your bridesmaids will be able to keep them forever. They will remember the special moment you asked them to be your bridesmaids because our preserved roses will eternalise the moment. Our sustainable roses are ideal for moments like this.

We have an array of colours and combinations you can choose from for perfect hatboxes. Nothing quite emulates everything you're feeling towards your best friend, like the colour red. Red portrays feelings of passion, love, and life. From time to time, we need to remind our friends how much they mean to us.

They are like family at the end of the day, and we wouldn't be as content without them. If you are having a wedding with the colour red as its theme, or accents of red, then we recommend our Red Rose Acrylic Jewellery Box for your bridesmaids. It portrays that touch of elegance that you are after.

Our medium acrylic rose boxes feature a draw. You can use the draw for jewellery and other small personal belongings. This draw is where you can place your notecard or even a gift. For example, you could surprise her with a pair of earrings to wear on your special day.

Large round pink suede rose box with red floral roses centre stage
Red Rose Common wedding flowers

Pink Preserved Roses

If your theme is a lighter coloured theme, but traditional nonetheless, why not buy pink hatboxes? You could match them with any combination you like. Whether that be with an acrylic clear box or with a round cream suede hatbox. The choice is yours.

Pink is a trendy colour choice for a wedding theme. Especially for bridesmaid's dresses. You can go down this traditional route of colour choice to win the heart of your best friends with the perfect roses.

When getting ready to pop the question to your favourite girls, make sure to add in that notecard. If proposing to them with pink everlasting roses is the perfect colour, we have what you need. Pick between a soft light pink and a hot barbie pink. Our Pastel Pink Roses would look perfect when brunching in a garden, and you popped the exciting question the important friends in your life.

Why not go for our Hot Pink Forever roses, and you can surprise your besties with an acrylic forever roses rose box! Wherever in the world, whatever the theme, we guarantee we have the rose boxes you want and need.

Sole acrylic box housing single pink forever roses
Single Pink Preserved Rose

Blue Preserved Roses

Blue is always a fan favourite depending on how you look at it. We have two blue tones to compliment whatever aesthetic you may have. You can go for soft Baby Blue Roses in a White Hatbox. Give these sustainable roses to your favourite girls on a beautiful beach at sunset, and they will be over the moon.

Dark Blue would be the perfect choice for your bridesmaids if you planned to do your wedding in a cathedral or an old castle. It has the perfect vibrancy for a more vintage themed wedding.

Classic Round White Hatbox with dark Blue Rose common wedding flowers
Dark Blue Roses

A Personal Touch with Bright Wedding Flowers

We want to make sure we can support you and help you throughout your decision process. Asking your friends to stand beside you is always a bit nerve-wracking. This is why we want to help make this moment as perfect as we can for you.

You can get all the guidance you require through the help of our personal shopping team. They can recommend the very best products that will mean your bridesmaids to be just can't refuse your offer.

Even if you need a last-minute delivery, we offer same-day delivery with a collection service if you are London based or just in the area. We want to ensure that no matter the flowers you have your eye on, we'll get them to you quickly and safely. All you will need to do is open the box and ask the question all your friends will have been waiting for.

infinity rose - Amaranté Preserved Flowers

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