Top Five Unique Floral Stems for Unconventional Bouquet Arrangements

Top Five Unique Floral Stems for Unconventional Bouquet Arrangements

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When it comes to the art of dried flower bouquets, there exists a captivating world beyond fresh blooms, where elegance and ingenuity intertwine. Dried flowers have emerged as a beloved sustainable alternative, capturing the hearts of those in search of lasting flowers that don't sacrifice their exquisite aesthetics. But then it begs the question of which dried flowers to use in your arrangement. With so many to choose from, let's delve into just which dried flower stems are effortlessly unique and never fail to bring something special to an arrangement.

Everlasting Lavender

First in the selection is everlasting Lavender, a timeless classic renowned for its soothing scent and delicate allure. While fresh lavender holds its place in the spotlight, its dried counterpart possesses a charm all its own. With a rustic and vintage touch, dried lavender stems lend themselves effortlessly to various creations - from bouquets and wreaths to even adding fragrance to potpourri, the sustainable beauty of dried lavender ensures a lasting enchantment.

A collection of purple Lavender stems
Lavender Stems

Exquisite Statice

Next up is Statice, affectionately known as sea lavender, with its remarkable ability to maintain shape and vibrant hues when dried. This versatile flower comes alive in a symphony of purples, blues, pinks, and whites, adding texture, volume, and a captivating splash of colour to any floral design. Whether adorning a dried flower bouquet as a focal point or joining forces with other dried flowers in a wreath, statice beckons with its unconventional yet captivating presence that lasts.

A collection of sustainable Statice stems
Statice Stems

Charming Strawflowers

With their papery petals and a kaleidoscope of vivid colours, Strawflowers are floral wonders that stand the test of time, retaining their shape and tones when dried. Embrace the whimsy of strawflowers in wreaths, dried bouquets, or even floral crowns, as they infuse your arrangements with vibrant and spirited touches. Shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red dance together, ensuring the displays exude a timeless and enchanting allure that stands the test of time.

A collection of Strawflower stems ready to be placed in a bouquet
Strawflower Stems

Delicate Bunny Tails

Bunny Tails, or Lagurus ovatus, are stems that feature fluffy, white, and incredibly soft seed heads. A stroke of whimsy takes centre stage as these soft and textural elements lend a playful air to dried flower bouquets. From standalone bouquets that evoke delight to complementary accents within vases or wreaths, Bunny Tails are a delightful addition that adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to any setting.

Bunny Tail stems growing in the wild before being cut and preserved
Bunny Tail Stems

Sustainable Pampas Grass

Finally, there is Pampas Grass, a true marvel of nature. This magnificent grass is celebrated not only for its soft and feathery plumes but also for its sustainable nature. Embrace the ethereal beauty of pampas grass, available in creamy whites, muted pinks, and earthy browns, to craft truly unique and captivating displays. Whether used as a statement piece or combined harmoniously with other dried flowers and grasses, Pampas Grass elevates your design with height, texture, and an undeniable bohemian flair.

Pampas Grass stems held together to be placed within a bouquet
Pampas Grass stems

Bespoke Flowers for Every Event

Embracing the beauty of dried flowers opens up a world of creativity and sustainability in floral arrangements. At Amaranté, we understand the importance of personalised floral bouquets that truly reflect the essence of your event or wedding, which is why we offer a free consultation service to help bring your vision to life. Whether you're seeking a unique and unconventional design or a classic and elegant bouquet, our team of experienced professionals is here to assist you every step of the way.

To learn more about our bespoke floral services and to schedule a consultation, click here or get in touch with a member of our team. Let us create unforgettable floral arrangements that will make your special day even more extraordinary.

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