Twas the Poem about Christmas

Twas the Poem about Christmas

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It's that time of year again, Christmas - a time to gather around the fireplace, sing songs, and tell stories. Being with the ones you love, sharing tales that make you feel safe. And there's no better way to experience Christmas than through poetry.

For centuries, poems have been a doorway into the dreamlike world of imagination. They're whimsical, sometimes farfetched, sometimes grounded and serious. But often, they're a release into a world that we only had when we were children, a world where anything was possible.

If you're looking for inspiration for your own Christmas poem, perfect for adding in a card or for accompanying Flowers for Christmas as a gift, look no further!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

This classic poem is the inspiration for much of the tradition of Santa Clause we all know today. The poem is called "A Visit from St. Nicholas", and was written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823. It is arguably the best-known verse ever written by an American. Before the poem, many Americans had varied and often culturally different ideas about St Nicholas, Father Christmas and other Christmas Visitors.

Moore originated many aspects of a Santa Clause we recognise but borrowed such icons as the Reindeer sleigh from other cultural footnotes in Christmas history. It has since become a seminal piece of poetry, featuring stockings and chimneys, presents and Reindeer, and all the hallmarks of Christmas Eve.

For such a classic Christmas story, you need to look no further than a traditional Christmas colour. Red is often associated with Christmas, even as far back as the Roman Empire. Red roses in a rose box are the perfect Christmas gift to pair with an iconic poem. These luxury red roses are the spirit of Christmas and a very stylish and popular Christmas gift that will find a place in any home or office space.

Red Infinity Roses in a round grey rose box with an elegant suede finish.
Red Roses in an elegant Round Rose Box

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

This poem sneaks into a gloomy mood. It's a poem about the dark and mysterious woods from the dead of Winter. In this seminal poem, Robert Frost tried to establish a piece of art that he would be remembered for. It is simultaneously looking back on his life and career and looking forward to the rest. Or its mysterious end, whenever it may be.

The poem has many traditional Christmas themes. Snowy trees, a horse-drawn carriage with twinkling bells, and promises made between loved ones. But its impact is more than a simple Christmas allegory. It is hopeful and pessimistic, a perfect description of the anxiety one can face looking into a future where nothing is certain. In times such as these, with crises around the world, it's often important to stop and breathe. Notice where you are. Take in the situation you've come from, and allow yourself to return to normalcy before continuing.

The perfect and most popular Christmas flowers to match such a sad mood are the royal purple infinity roses. Purple roses make popular Christmas Flowers. They're an elegant Christmas gift for friends and family alike with an inward-looking persona. For someone with deep sadness to them. Or someone who could do with reminding that you're there for them. Waiting to keep going and pulling the carriage through the snowy woods.

Vibrant royal purple roses in a round black rose box with matte finish
Royal Purple Roses in a Rose Box

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Didn't expect to see Dr Suess in this, did you? But when it comes to Christmas poetry, there isn't anything as classic or well-loved as The Grinch. Ironic, considering his initial hatred of the holiday. Of course, as the Jim Carrey Movie shows, the story of the Grinch, like that of Scrooge, is understandable.

Christmas is a time of excessive waste and revelry while the world freezes and people are left out in the cold. It's a time of expecting presents as much as giving them. It's a time when you don't buy into the hype, and you can expect an earful from noisy neighbours and braying family members. But just as the Grinch discovers, after his escapade to steal Christmas, there’s a deeper heart to it all.

Ultimately, what you choose to put into Christmas makes it special.

This year, say Merry Christmas with gorgeous mint green roses in Grinch shade, whether you're gifting them in person or sending them with love from far away.

Mint green infinity rose in an acrylic jewellery box
Mint Green infinity Rose in Acrylic Jewellery Box

Make this Christmas Mean a Little Bit More

Just like the Grinch, you're probably tired of hearing about it. But Christmas is when people can make a lot of change if they come together with a dream and vision. At Amaranté, we dedicate our efforts to a clean world with carbon-neutral policies and deliveries.

From us, you can expect the finest service, with a complete dedication to environmentally friendly practices and stunningly popular Christmas flowers. As we come together to make the world a better place in any little way we can.

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